-50kg Cinderella


Authors : Mochizuki iku

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Slice of life , Romance , Office workers

Chapters: 45

Last update: a month ago

4.1 /5 (34 votes)

Hime Saeki, a girl who is a little on the heavy side, is a college student looking for a job. At a company briefing, she gets injured and finds herself saved by an employee from the information desk, Osamu. As Osamu was almost like a prince, Hime fell in love at first sight."I want to see him again..."To make this happen, Hime decides that things must change. She goes on a strict diet and successfully loses 50kg! She gets employed at the same company, but even after a year, Osamu is nowhere to be seen.Suddenly, one day, the most handsome man in the company, rumored to be the son of the CEO, transfers to Hime's department... and it's Osamu! However, her happiness at their reunion is short-lived when Osamu tells her that he has a woman he's interested in...But for some reason, Osamu keeps hugging her, whispering sweet words to her, and treating her differently. Will Hime remain at the mercy of his unexpected doting...?


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-50kg Cinderella