Rakudai Kenja no Gakuin MusouChapter 13-7

After reincarnating in a different world, the great sage Ephthal spent all of his life researching magic. However, he who had aimed to reach the summit of magic, knew of the limits of his talents and fell into despair, thus closing the curtain to his

The Unfavourable Job Chapter 31

When a child is born, they are granted a [JOB] by the goddess of light. Unfortunately, Ain is granted the unfavourable job of an [Appraiser]. All he can do is appraise materials, and so he is treated horribly by his own party. Then, one day, he happe

Draig Mid KnightChapter 30HOT

.Alexander, a knight - hunter, during the execution of a task found a man - a dragon with a broken horn. According to him, as a child he had a best friend, and in order to meet him at least one more time, he did not mind sacrificing his horn. The dra

Warrior's AfterlifeChapter 0.2 : side.2 : endHOT

.A warrior who was slaughtered after having saved the world from monsters. He wakes up in an unknown world after he died at the hands of his comrades.After attaining a second chance at life, he vows to live his life in debauchery, but the way his sav

One step from hellChapter 25HOT

."If you don't need God... what about the devil?"The whisper of the devil's salvation offering sweet temptation to a child fleeing abuse."Make a contract with me, and if it's your desire, I'll give you three wishes."Gambling the life of a child who e

Ero Wizard’s Research JournalChapter 17HOT

The warrior who helped save the world five years ago is left feeling empty. Deacon, a former warrior, has since been reduced to a beggar. Hoping to earn for a living, he signs a contract to work as a research assistant for a wizard named Lagavi..."F

Cheat Skill Chapter 17

Licht, a young man who has the special ability, "Resurrection," makes his living as a member of an S-Rank Adventurer's Party. However, the king, who feared his power, ordered his comrades to betray him, and in the end, executed him in an unfair manne

I am the prince of this landChapter 5

.Oliver, a hairdresser, has undertaken a journey to rescue a princess who possesses hair made of gold. It is said that the princess is far away in a tower that is surrounded by monsters. The journey proves to be challenging for Oliver who has only wi

The Irregular of the Royal Academy of MagicChapter 57

Bonkotsu Shinpei No Monster LifeChapter 3.2

The protagonist is an ordinary soldier from an empire at war who gets used as a guinea pig for genetic engineering experiments, turned into a monster and put into cryosleep.200 years later he wakes up in a sword and sorcery world. The empire is gone

Dragon's ChosenChapter 55
ActionMartial arts

In a mission to find cultural relics, the greatest soldier of China was dispatched. But however, while Lin Yuntian got ahold of the Divine Jade pendant, a grenade exploded nearby and he died. Only to have his soul transmigrate into the Tian Continent

The Strongest Protagonist of All Time!Chapter 40
ActionMartial arts

Zhao Xiaotian suffered all kinds of hardships with relevance to supernatural powers. After he got caught up in an explosion, he was able to catch up with the comic genre trend nowadays which is: "Isekai". But unfortunately, the villains of the world

After being deported from the country, I became the 4th enchanter in the worldChapter 4

Having lived a useless 30 years of his life, the main character (Saito Jinkuro) is hit by a truck. When he wakes up, he enters the body of "Dzink Norland", the 14-year-old son of an aristocrat who served as his Highness' escort. But due to the lack o

Home Centre Sales Clerk’s Life in Another World ~with the titles - “DIY Master”, “Green Master” and “Pet Master”~Chapter 8

Mako, a home centre sales clerk, fell asleep at the entrance of her house after her shift due to work fatigue. Only to wake up in a different world?!She was at a complete loss when the beastmen twins gave her shelter from the storm in their house in

Tentacle HoleChapter 5

Another beginning with the Guhuo birdChapter 9
Martial arts

Li yan, who is contracted with an incurable disease, by chance, entered a bizarre and motley world " Yan Fu ". Relying on his masterly skills, he step by step become a person of strong character. And in the process of walking through the world of Yan

Machine EraChapter 7

Young-yi, a high school goalkeeper promising to lose his arm in a car accident, participates in a clinical trial of SC Bio and receives a medical transplant.Then one day the virus called "mechanism" spreads in the world, and unknown beings begin to c

Kyuubo: Suterareteta Dragon HirottaChapter 12

A totally normal high schooler whose only good point is his toughness, Tetsu. The lizard he happened to pick up one day, turns out to be a super rare dragon?! Not knowing how to raise his dragon, he turns to the internet. However, his walk with his s

Mushoku no Tensei - Eris GaidenChapter 4
ActionComedyMartial artsDrama

Eris Boreas Greyrat is a former noble girl, who one day was transported to the other side of the world with her cousin Rudeus. She grew as a swordswoman, but ultimately was unable to save Rudy as he was nearly killed. Deciding that she wants to be so

Witch and knight surviveChapter 3

A fantasy about a knight who lost everything and his story of survival strategy and territory restoration!One day, when the lord's son, Agredios, came back to the village after a long hunt, the sounds of villagers bustling and their laughter were all

GigantisChapter 6

Yomi no TsugaiChapter 7

Tenguharai no SankyoudaiChapter 5

"I'll become the strongest sacrifice!"Mamoru Yamaemori, a priest detested by the people who consider him to be "cursed". However there is another side to him: he exorcises "Tengu", monsters that enter into mountains and eat people. He is not rewarded

Yomotsuhegui: Fruit of the UnderworldChapter 6

x-policeman Kanetsugu Nawa is a model prisoner, imprisoned for murder and attempted murder in an act of revenge for his late wife and daughter.After being released on parole and shunned by his only remaining family, he returns to the only thing he ha

I rely on OCD to become the KingChapter 17

The high school student male protagonist Yin Yongtian is a patient with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. He was almost beaten to death because of the onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder and disrupted the confession of the school bully. The ma

The World of SummoningChapter 5

A brand-new series from the creator of Blood Lad!When creatures, items, and even space itself can be summoned from other worlds, no one should want for anythingright?Tokoyo, a boy who was abandoned to live with the Summoned in the Fantasy District ai

Undefeated RankerChapter 49

32 years agojudgement day. Humans were driven to the brink of extinction by the sudden appearance of monsters. However, with the appearance of supernatural powers and the awakening of abilities, the battle went into its next phase. After a fierce bat

Hai Shinigami to Fushi no NekoChapter 5.1

The maritime nation "Republic of Enetia" where the plague "black disease" has begun to spread. In this country, there was a "state affairs assassin" who executed a felony, commonly known as an assassin of justice.

Heaven is under meChapter 19
Martial artsRomance

Zhou Ming Yu, a college student who possesses the bizarre power called Tiangou [Heavenly Dog], which is targeted by various powerful forces in the warlock world. In order to eradicate the influence of Tiangou [Heavenly Dog] on himself and to find the

Soara and the Monster's HouseChapter 8

One day a young warrior girl meets a dwarf who dedicates himself to constructing houses for monsters. A tale of building houses for myriads of creatures begins! After all, everyone needs a home.

Rapture callChapter 7

If you've ever wondered, what happened to the Gods of the ancient world? Where did they come from? Why did they disappear so suddenly? You're about to find your answers here. Little Gabriel has stumbled into the world we've been blind to all this tim

The Way the Mage Faces DeathChapter 17HOT

"I want it to end now." Enthe, the archmage, lived a long 300 years, due to a curse that prevents her from dying until she rids the wicked dragon. Though she finally defeated the dragon, She opened her eyes not in the Netherworld, but in a dazzling n

Giant Ojou-samaChapter 11

I can't believe my ojou-sama is so huge!Fujido Oriko is the buxom young head of the Fujido Zaibatsu, a group that has a monopoly on Japan's vending machine industry. And serving at her side is her personal butler, the eccentric Dr. Sebastion.When a m

Wood and SnowChapter 6.5

Deokure Tamer no SonohigurashiChapter 3

Gate of NightmaresChapter 16

Devilish GirlfriendChapter 57
ActionComedyMartial arts

Go Nagai Short StoriesChapter 0

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Fantastic Days!Chapter 4
Guardian Tales - Kanterbury Days!Chapter 18
HorrorComedyMartial arts

Renata Tate Goddess for HireChapter 7

Mob Kousei no Ore Demo Boukensha ni Nareba Riajuu ni Naremasuka?Chapter 5

DorondororonChapter 26

72 Transfigurations of The Earthly DemonsChapter 4
ActionHorrorSupernaturalMartial arts

Mezzon ZChapter 9.1

The Secret of PironChapter 10

The Demon Lord’s Daughter and the Strongest ManChapter 3