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IvernPretty good on  Sleeping Ranker
All actions mangas need follow the Holy Action Formula™️'s precepts. Those wretched ones that will not comply shall be found and swiftly executed for their sins. This is the law that the prophet, Solo Leveling, brought us from Mount Sinai, inscribed unto two comic-panels made of stone, and forever it shall endure. 

But what then? Aren't we reading the same thing, over and over again? Perhaps it would be so, if only we hadn't discovered the latest in attention grabbing's technology: The Gimmick™️. The Gimmick is a wondrous thing: it resets your brain to factory settings and lets you enjoy the same old story beats, keeping you involved. It is of paramount importance that the gimmick works. Without it, your work will lack character. 

So, here we have a comic with good, if not great action. The art too, is pretty great. Not exceptional, but it has its own style. And the characters are flimsy, but likeable enough. I have a soft spot for himbos, even if MC barely qualifies in the thicc department. (We fully met the reqs for stupidity and good nature, tho).

The issue here is, wouldn't you know, the gimmick used. "sleeping" could be the basis for a unique powerset. Sleep and death? Even more. Dreams? Dear g** yes, psychological warfare galore! Let's violate some minds! Instead we got... Kinda generic abilities. A somewhat non-cohesive group of skills, with pretty brainy but charmeless mechanics. Nothing that will leave a lasting impression, I'm afraid, especially because what works is taken from elsewhere.

It's got some issues about identity, not quality. That one is covered. Hence you will surely enjoy it, but it remains to be seen if you will remember it. So it's a 8½ on the Ivern Scale, on the verge of the 5 stars.
JenniferRocks on  Doukyuusei Seikatsu
Super cute, very fluffy and wholesome story
Bored-chanRocks on  Ore ni wa Zenbu Kikoeteru!
The story is funny and cute
Still waiting for them to get together
MahaKinda bad on  I am the supreme villain
Fated villain just more details in storylines in this
ParkieeeeRocks on  From Points Of Three
There are some parts that is really toxic. But I'm amaze on how Jisuh still want to fight again for their love. Some may not want this kind of story, but for me it's a good story. I really like the scene when Jisuh left their house and the confrontation scene in the rooftop. The side story is also good
MCZRocks on  Omega Complex(Yaoi)
This is so good, so lovely, so sweet and freaking cute with beautiful arts, love it so much, I hope it update soon
ToperRocks on  The Good Teacher
It's soo good
duckAsickSucks big time on  I’m Really Not A Supervillain
its a manhua. it start mèh but it goes downhill. dont expect much from a manhua
XqiojunRocks on  Big Apple
I love this manhwa but just the problem is that they need to communicate instead just having s** all the time but over all cute and very sad I'm really going to cry for finishing this on accident
Shadow x LoverSucks big time on  The Girls I Couldn't Date Before
Mc is more desperate for s** than a child for milk
Not recommended for sane people's.