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Soler yolenaRocks on  Codename Anastasia
Heh 2nd manhwa bl that I rated yall I swear you didn't understand this whole thing, I understand you guys hate the r*** scene but get it together! Zhenya will do much worse than r*** so if he killed taekjoo it's okay?? Be rational guys i'm not saying that r*** is not bad but what I'm saying is that if Zhenya killed Taekjoo then it's done what's the purpose of the story anyway? right? Plus remember that it's part of the story and plot in order for the story to have flow I read the novel and I understand if you guys dropped it.  Don't bash the story because for me it's well written, but yeah I just feel like I had to explain this I don't hate you guys for hating it. I'm just frustrated for those people who crossed the line, and Zhenya is a well written character on the novel. Well if you don't care because you just kept on hating that means you didn't understand me :
He**Rocks on  Apocalypse Romance
Fever dream
osirisRocks on  I Will Fall With The Emperor
There is no word I can say that can definitely how much of a masterpiece this is
stream enhypen u won...Rocks on  Murderer Llewellyn’S Enchanting Dinner Invitation
When I first noticed this, I thought why it has 5/5 ratings so I gave it a try. 

Now that I've finished reading it, it's definitely a must read. Their backstories and the hardships they went through are all worth reading. 
I've cried multiple times reading this and all those tears were meaningful as each panel were. 
Each chapter connecting with foreshadowing or subtle details intrigued me throughout. 

To new readers who wish to read this, go for it!! There will be chapters that may be hard to .. gulp down BUT!! all is worth in the end. 

Never has a piece made me cry full of tears until now. 

Shavonne and Lewellyn .. my roman empire, my world, my universe, my salvation .. i love u dearly 

YannieMeh on  Blood and Love
It's a meh for me I don't really like how the story goes . I don't understand the story . Yeah 👍 3/5
YannieRocks on  Never Understand
Worth reading it, rereading once again. 
I fuc**** cried I love it!!
YannieRocks on  My Assistant BF
Love the story and the context worth reading it. I hope it will update soon 💋
Ketamine EnjoyerRocks on  My Daughter Is a Musical Genius
really cute
IvernKinda bad on  Shinsotsu Kareshi no Nikushoku Aibu ~ Iki Tsukushitara, Shitara Ireteagemasu
Veeeery basic, in that japanese kind of way. "What the fúck does that even mean, you weeb?", I hear you whisper indignantly. You brat

To be honest, I wouldn't know. It's a feel. A particular energy. A #vibe. Everything, from art to writing, is coated in this thin layer of wholesome and paternalistic nonsense. It's like the characters don't have interior thoughts. Heads empty. Only forced office romance and séx in their noggins. They make puzzling mistakes, or they behave like saints descended directly from Heaven but still somehow very proficient at oral séx. Who would've thought: they know how to please, up there.

In any case, there is no middle ground. They are not properly human. If it wanted to say something about love and people, I didn't understand a word. Lots of "fabled püssy (?)" in it tho. 5 on the Ivern Scale™️.