MJnRocks on  A Married Man
This one's plot is uniqe so the art. Actually for someone like me who is already burnt out by all genres and needs sth new amd different, this is it! MLS aren't weak and each characters has its own personality. Plus it's not like other manhwas which ml is being saved all the time whenever wherever! Oh I should add that the story is kinda sad but gives you hope for characters' happiness. Addictive! If you like 'under the green light' or 'banana fish' I guess you would love this one too! It plays with your feeling and makes you wanna cry. I hope for a happy ending...
HanutaRocks on  Papa Wolf and The Puppy
Super cute
heykihRocks on  One Piece
World Building: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Comedy: 10/10
Action: 10/10

One the few peaks in fiction.
LeonRocks on  Love Tractor
One of the best story I'd read 💕💕
RisottoPretty good on  Jinx
Pretty good
coolRocks on  Chieri’s Love Is 8 Meters
I really liked the manga, very looking foward for what's coming up next! 🥰
ZayyxRocks on  Jinx
I justt love this manga 💓💓  The bottom is so cutee and i love this kind of art style<3 i recommend to read this manga 💓❤️ The top abs is a piece of art
xxkevinpaularxxRocks on  Jinx
i need chapter 7 please 🥺
A random Bi Bish <3Rocks on  Liveta
fantastic for people who are new to yaoi
uheehRocks on  Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp
loved this sm
kang joonie bbyRocks on  Night by the sea
great artstyle and interesting plot. i also love how subtle the omegaverse plot is wherein it's not entirely focused on that~ if you get what i mean lol
kang joonie bbyRocks on  Checkmate (TAN)
great artstyle and great plot. i like that it's not entirely focused on romance and there is an actual plot to look forward to~
uheehRocks on  Late Night Cafe
loving the storyline
kang joonie bbyRocks on  The Third Ending
this manhwa has a special place in my heart. used to look forward to it every tuesday upload. and is totally a re-read story <3
kang joonie bbyRocks on  One Take
the art is gorgeous and has an interesting plot
DTrilceRocks on  Blinded By The Setting Sun
It's  a well white story an great art. Love the protagonists
Neha Sharma
Neha SharmaPretty good on  Night by the sea
I like how you explain everything it's nice
Kim SimpPretty good on  Playroom 108
Pretty good
Cherry BlossomRocks on  BJ alex
BJ Alex hmmm I enjoyed it 
Good character development 
I liked the pacing of the story as well 
I enjoyed how the characters opened up about their traumas and how they handled their feelings as the story progressed 
has S&M relationship so that interesting
XEXI1996Pretty good on  Get the Heroine’s Script
Pretty good
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