Ani no YuujinVol.1 chapter 6 : end
RomanceShounen ai

The person I like belongs to my deceased brother...The growing love of the ones left behind.

Konya mo Tono wa Goranshin!? - Gohoushisuru no mo Oshigoto desu ka?Chapter 37

"Spread your legs." he said, before he suddenly started pounding into her. She's not sure what's going on, but for some reason, it's turning her on...!One day, Suzuka meets an old man, who offers to help her pay off her family's debt. He takes her to

Super Lucky Mr. Fortune TellerChapter 10

Bai Wu, a d-list writer who ran out of money, was thrown out of the house by his landlord. At the lowest point of his life, he walked in a lottery store with 20 bucks. Thinking he had nothing to lose, Bai Wu spent all his money on the lottery. Surpri

Her LiesChapter 3.2

Zhao Fugui, a high school girl who can see everybody's score in life, puts herself at the frontline every day to find the perfect boyfriend. However, she never imagined that someone by her side already held a perfect score, and that she's deeply in l

Population ZeroChapter 14

The survival tale of Elias in a zombie post-apocalyptic world alongside an unknown being that always seems to helps him.

Corruption CatharsisChapter 27

What's a kiss that feels good? We'll end up kissing like this again tomorrow, won't we...? Her boyfriend's extremely controlling behavior is making Shuna emotionless. That's when a tutor is hired to teach her at home. "I'll teach you about more than

My Sister Is A SuperStarChapter 6

What? My elder sister, who is lazy, charming, and abusive, is not born of the same parents as me? What? She wants to be a Superstar, but fortunately, I have a system and a cheat. Help remove all obstacles in her way! What? My parents asked me to help

The Princess’s Double LifeChapter 9HOT

Read manhwa The Princess's Double Life / A genius disguiser. A master of escape. One day, Grand Duke Hexen, the known tyrant of the battlefield, came to visit the genius swindler and death-row prisoner, Viper, who had stirred the Empire. "Hey, I nee

Linked SoulChapter 31

About Linked Soul Manga"I was hunted, hunted in ignorance". Surabaya, 2025. The year where many cases of missing people and the cause is unknown. In this city, an alien woke up without memory and her head was hunted for 10 billion rupiah. One day, he

The knight of Chapter 7

Constantin de Arambourg, knight of the garden, is an overly serious knight who guards the king's kitchen garden. One day, he met a beautiful woman chasing a rabbit in the garden. When she caught the rabbit with her bare hands, she said: "I'll turn yo

Earth Savior SelectionChapter 9

With the announcement of Earth's end, awful creatures showed up. In the midst of an apocalypse that tramples on the sanctity of humans, the Savior' Park JungWoo's tale to save the world beings.

He’s a Supporting Character but I Love Him AnywayChapter 12HOT

"Let's cherish each other!" The supporting character that will eventually be thrown away, don't play hard to get! I am Kim Geumja who is deeply immersed in the supporting character of a novel soon to face a miserable ending. One day, I was involved i

You’re a Supporting Character, Just Love MeChapter 12HOT

Read manhwa You're a Supporting Character, Just Love Me / "I want to convey my heart." I suffered from a unilateral fever of love for the supporting character in the book who faces a miserable ending. But was that a little too much? To the point

Blushing Because of YouChapter 12

Abakanaide Kurorekishi Elite-san to Moto IdolChapter 12

The story of a former idol (now an office worker), and a super elite businessman (with a potentially dark past). Miyu Tachibana is a former idol. Since her days of stardom, she has put on weight , cut her long, silky hair, and hidden herself behind a

To Be Ordinary!Chapter 7

Due to his prosopagnosia, Sang struggles with maintaining a normal school life. It's hard to make friends when everyone's face looks like an egg literally. There's only one person he can recognize -- Ujeong, a mysterious girl who seems to struggle wi

The Monster's BrideChapter 7

I, Hana, am dirt poor, and my father is a complete irresponsible jackass. To make matters worse, different men are coming up to me asking to be their wifewait what?! But, it turns out that they are holding a great secret Just what are they?

The Sisterly Situation of the Bakeneko HazukiChapter 17
An interspecific marriageChapter 6

Wen Hao Xue is arranged by his family for a meeting with the cat elf Count. Wen Hao Xue values appearance, so he fell in love with a lovely big cat guy, although the big cat has a volatile temper, he still pampers the big cat, moreover, the big cat s

The Office-Lady who took in a Wild ShotaChapter 7

The Office-Lady who took in a Wild Shota summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of The Office-Lady who took in a Wild Shota. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or

Chasing Ao AoChapter 10

The story of the past life and present life of a little green dragon and a little black ball.

Breakup Loading 99%Chapter 11

Six years ago, Ye Lingxi fled from the world of Sheng Nanheng without a word. Six years after, they meet again. Ye Lingxi insists that they have broken up, while Sheng Nanheng refuses to let her go. "We haven't officially broken up yet!" What is Ye's

The Sound of AnotherChapter 16

In the near future, everything we experience in our everyday lives can be marketed as content for the masses. On the top video-sharing platform, Vvolume, content creators compete for views, likes, and subscribers in a fierce struggle for fame and wea

Seoul Station’s NecromancerChapter 18HOT

[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station's 1st Exit.]"What is this?"A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station No, it had become a dungeon.Bow down to the majesty of this one man army as I begin to seize the wo

The Story of My Snail and IChapter 9

The condition for the fresh water snail to become a human being is to win the love of its housemate? Seungha, someone from ordinary single-member household, once came across with a feisty snail called Nokjo'. A cool-sweet healing living together roma

Love AlgorithmChapter 21

Ada Kim is a brilliant, eccentric young scientist. How does she use her vast knowledge? To find the perfect boyfriend, of course! Ada invented an algorithm called called Q.P.I.D that measures relationship compatibility. When she meets her perfect cru

It Takes A Lot Of Cuteness To Save This WorldChapter 12

In the abyss at the end of the parallel world beyond the earth, there are twelve magic fairy seals, which seal a host of demons from the ancient times, and each seal is guarded by a cute little magic fairy. One day, the demon fairies were badly hurt

Oh My Pharaoh!Chapter 100

Oh My Pharaoh at When you wake up, you're in Egypt? Meet the genius teacher and the prince of Egypt!I Fell In Love When I Am Summoned In Ancient Egypt,I Fell in Love When I Was Summoned to Ancient Egypt,Kodai Egypt ni Shoukan saretara, soko de Koi ni

The Prince Wants to Consummate: The Seduction of the ConsortChapter 5

After being betrayed twice, she transmigrated with her vengeance in hand. Her new body was weak and she had to rely on the imperial physician to stay alive. In front of others, he looked like the heir apparent that did not have long to live but posse

The Supreme MasterChapter 4
ActionMartial arts

Hong Zheng was born a genius with ancient divine blood, but he was framed to death by his childhood sweetheart and best friend and was robbed of his divine blood. Ten years later, he comes back to life with the power of dragons. Going Through the Dra

Records of LinyaoChapter 8

A story about Lin Xiao, the young general of the Lin family and Yue Yao, the doctor she saved from the Blood Lotus. Meanwhile, something seems to be stirring beneath the surface of the deceptively calm palace

Yuusha-bu BiyoriChapter 13

ENManga from the mobile game "Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Hanayui no Kirameki".

A Story About Getting Tangled Up With A Drunk Onee-san in a SaizeriyaChapter 5

ENA guy meets a dangerous drunk Onee-san in an italian fami-res.

My Deadly Wife: CEO, I’ll Make You Pay With Your Life!Chapter 5.2 : episode 5

The gangsters' stubborn princess accidentally kidnapped the wrong person and ended up provoking the devil! He's a ruthless big shot in the business world. He bound her to a contract that demanded her to fulfill his every request, hence the start of t

Two size, too smallVol.3 : chapter 51 : season 3 announce..HOT
Shounen aiWebtoons

When a gentle giant meets a small ball of energy, only love can bloom. A sweet love story about the advantage and disadvantage of being tall and small