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Kill Me NowChapter 76HOT

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Kokoro-Sensei's Umamusume Shorts (Doujinshi)Chapter 19

A series of short Umamusume comics made by (https://twitter.com/k0koro_091), mostly featuring Admire Vega and her relationship with her assigned trainer.

2.5D SeductionChapter 93

Cosplay manga with cute girl

Get the Heroine’s ScriptChapter 34

Chao Yihun, who could only move in a wheelchair because of an accident, walked into another world and was told that he had a system. As long as the male protagonist went to attack here, he could stay in this world and enjoy the prosperity and wealth

Absolute Safety RazorChapter 4

Takano's debut work. Later 1982 in the award-winning anthology of Takano short shojo manga with the same title (by Hakusensha).

My Covenant with the Monster LordChapter 20

Loyal king of demons said, "Now that you've found me, you need to be responsible for me."Lost memories and destined reunion.Yu Yin reincarnated twice and returned to the world he was originally from, but he got "scammed" by some unknown demon king th

I Don't Remember ThatChapter 43

not found...

Legend of Star GeneralChapter 120

Return Of The Frozen PlayerChapter 85.5

5 years after the world changed, the final boss appeared. [The final boss for area Earth, the Frost Queen, has appeared.] The final boss! If we can just defeat her, our lives will go back to normal! The top five players in the world, including Specte

Kage no Eiyuu no Nichijou-tanChapter 30

The "Great War of Heroes," in which the hero and the demon king vie for survival and power in each incarnation. The fourth great war was also a war where the heroes defeated the Demon King it's an undisclosed fact. Twoeight, the ace of the "Agency" i

School Life of A Mercenary GirlChapter 4

Cierra, a young girl whose been a skilled mercenary her whole life, decides to retire from being a mercenary and try to live like a regular school girl. While at her new school, Cierra befriends Alna, a young noble girl who's being targeted by assass

Tonari no Class no Katou-kunChapter 2

Owada grew an interest in Katou, a fellow classmate who sits behindhim. But Owada played it cool on their first meeting. Their differentsocial class meant that Katou had no chance with him, yet, on the dayhe decided to give up, he ran into Katou who

Paripi KoumeiChapter 79

General of the Three Kingdoms, Kongming had struggled his whole life, facing countless battles that made him into the accomplished strategist he was. So on his deathbed, he wished only to be reborn into a peaceful world...and was sent straight to mod

Otome Game no Heroine de Saikyou SurvivalChapter 16

Alicia is an orphan living in Ciel, a world of swords and magic. One day, she discovers that she is "the heroine of an otome game." Even the death of her parents was simply part of the story.Alicia decisively rejects the heroine's role as "nonsense."

Otome Game no Heroine de Saikyou Survival @COMICChapter 16
My Little BookstoreChapter 26

My Small Bookstore / Joo-ah had always dreamt of being an author, but over time that dream was the last thing on her mind. The bookstore she went to when she was younger is abolished, and after losing her job, she wonders if she can make it on her

Fated to be a PhoenixChapter 35

The princess tried so hard to maintain her love, but it turned out to be in vain. Betrayed by her dearest friend and her love, she even pushed her most beloved ones into the abyss. Now she's resurrected, she will make them all pay in blood! She teach

My Honey and My BabyChapter 25

Criminal psychologist Gu Ruoru travels back in time and becomes a broke widow with a young son. Oh, that's right, she also picks up a slightly "dumb" guy along the way too. Gu Ruoru decides the three of them can play a happy family for now. The real

Bread & ButterChapter 18

Life isn't going too well for Yuzuki. She's a 34-years-old and without a boyfriend. The elementary school she works at is close to firing her, and to top it off she doesn't know what to do with her life at all. But even when she quits her job and tri

Sen no Sukiru o Motsu OtokoChapter 59

Hinoharu Kota gets stronger each time he gets summoned to another world as a summoned beast. A troubled middle-aged office worker was summoned as a summon beast to another world. Although he is a man without any special characteristics, he continues

Attack And OccupyChapter 94
RomanceShounen aiWebtoon

After being favored by a man, his life has undergone earth-shaking changes. He has become a lover of the other side from the promise of heaven, and he has become cautious every step of the way. When everything is destroyed by the other party, he just

A dangerous type became my girlfriendChapter 51

Somewhere along the way I really fell in love...

Seek For Three LifetimesChapter 57
SupernaturalShounen aiWebtoon

."I will stay by your side until you grow old." He kept his word. For 50 years, he held his hand with a smile by dawn, and embraced him by dusk. Over the valleys and hills, across the river of time, walking side by side to the ends of earth. --------

My Daughter Is a Musical GeniusChapter 89

I was crazy about music and dedicated my entire life to it, but I neglected my daughter. I soon started to regret that for the rest of my pathetic life. Just like that, I died, but when I opened my eyes, it was 10 years ago. This time, I vowed to be

The Villainous DoctorChapter 171

Webnovel: When she met him for the first time, she just wanted to escape from him. From then on, however, she gradually got used to his company. He is the god of death to everyone else, but he will always give the barest hint of a smile to her. Whene

Shed! Ryugasaki-SanChapter 120

Ryugasaki-San in my class is a lizard-man, and as such she will shed several times a year. It appears that such a time came, and sooner than i expected.

Re CERVINChapter 12

Once upon a time, an evil dragon lived in this world. To fight it, humans joined forces with the inhabitants of Paradise and, one day, were able to seal an ancient evil. But years passed and the seal was broken, and the dragon was freed to wreak havo

Complicated CohabitationChapter 22

A businesswoman who is in her thirties, Yugyeong Seo. She's in a relationship that seems to be sinking every second. One day, her younger brother's friend, Ijun Gwon, abruptly comes into her life physically and mentally, starting an odd cohabitation.

How to Be the Chosen OneChapter 61

Not-so-Prince CharmingChapter 20

not found...

Divine CircumstancesChapter 25

People have red threads that tie them to their destined significant other. Are Ryeong and Taeseong going to be tangled up by their red threads? Are they just enemies that couldn't stop bickering? Or are they going to be lovers bound by the red thread

Reversal in ChaosChapter 20

A female assassin transmigrated into the beloved princess of a nation. She expected to live her life in peace, but a split second after waking up, she was trapped in a plot of her own sister's design. Now her fianc the crown prince wants a divorce?

Tonari No Kuuderera O Amayakashitara, Uchi No Aikagi O Watasu Koto Ni NattaChapter 4

A sweet cross-cultural romantic comedy tale about a lesson exchanger from a beautiful foreign country, and the young man who takes care of her dinner.Katagiri Natsuomi, a high school student who lived alone for two years, finds a beautiful girl with

Super God GeneChapter 120

Based on an adaptation from the author's novel Twelve Winged Dark Seraph'. In the future, countless beasts will invade. As you are able to gain certain genes from devouring the flesh of beasts, humankind welcomed an era of genetic evolution. Han Sen,

Morbid AttachmentChapter 40
DramaShounen aiYaoiWebtoon

The alpha idol Qi Bo Yan and the alpha actor Ji Wang were previously an affectionate couple, but got separated due to some misunderstandings. After six years, Qi Bo Yan appears in front of Ji Wang once again, aggressively drags Ji Wang back into his

From the Serpent's EyesChapter 57
WebtoonsDramaRomanceShounen ai

not found...

Follow Your HeartChapter 40
DramaSupernaturalRomanceMartial arts

One of the four renowned cultivators, Ye ZiGui, was punished by his master to repent for three years because he was too close to the dark lord Jiang Shu. Zi Gui didn't want to believe that Jiang Shu was the great devil everyone said he was until Jian

KingdomChapter 759

Millions of years have passed since the times of legends, when the worlds of man and gods were still the same. In these times it was the desires of man that moved the world. It is the era of the 500 year war: The warring states peroid. Kingdom is the

Plucky Wife: Your Highness, Please Don’t!Chapter 15

In her previous life, she died miserably! After transmigration, she became the unwelcome First Lady of the General Manor! The First Mother is full of hidden schemes and her sister bullies her all the time; No one in the huge General Manor is easy to

Martial PeakChapter 3341HOT
ActionMartial arts

The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one.In the face of adversity,you must survive and remain unyielding.Only then can you break through and and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples

A Hero Trained by the Most Evil Demon King is Unrivaled in the Academy of Returnees from Another WorldChapter 10

Without possessing the unique skill blessed by the goddess, a boy named Kujou Kyouya failed to save the world. He was ridiculed as a "failed hero" at the interdimensional-level academy where returned heroes who had saved many worlds gathered. However

Saikyou no Maou ni Kitaerareta Yuusha Isekai Kikanshatati no Gakuen de Musou SuruChapter 10

Without possessing the unique skill blessed by the goddess, a boy named Kujou Kyouya failed to save the world. He was ridiculed as a "failed hero" at the interdimensional-level academy where returned heroes who had saved many worlds gathered. However

Mf GhostChapter 172

MF Ghost takes place in the 2020s, when self-driving cars are ubiquitous in Japan. Centered around Kanata Livington, a Japanese driver who goes back to Japan after graduating at the top of his class at a racing school in England. MF Ghost also focuse

Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suruChapter 28

The greatest demon lord in all history, Varvatos, has reigned for several millennia as absolute ruler. Now, there only one thing left for him to do... enjoy the life of an average commoner! When he reincarnates as a villager in an unspeakable city, e

God's WebnovelChapter 21

[From the author of Past Life Regressor:]When I opened my eyes, I thought it was going to be the common clich of 'Transmigrating into a webnovel's world as the main character', but this story hadn't been written. The life of the main character Lee Hw

The Undefeatable SwordsmanChapter 164

This is the story of Song Woo Mun. The village Inn owners son, Song Woo Mun is weak as a young boy, whose condition only when he suffers a loss of his intellect, due to the Sansu-hwa, a painting gifted by a Sage. But unbeknownst to everyone, his life

I Will Seduce the Northern DukeChapter 54

Read manhwa I Will Seduce the Northern Duke / "Pretend to be my lover and join the social circle." Selina, the top star that had the entire world's attention, was suddenly warped to Northern Duke's land during an accident while filming. Kalcion, th

Rebirth of the First Urban Immortal EmperorChapter 14
ActionMartial artsShounenSupernatural

In his previous life, his fiance had deceived him, his father had passed away, he was disabled, and he had committed suicide due to sorrow. In this life, he had just returned from the cultivation world, saying, "In my previous life, I was unable to p

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