Your Royal Highness,, Please Dress Up Your ClothesChapter 50
Descending The Mountain As InvincibleChapter 36
ActionMartial arts

coming real soon!

Barbarian QuestChapter 59

The Sky Mountain Range was a resting place for souls, and the living were not allowed to cross it.Everyone believed it as such."You will become a great warrior, Urich."Urich, the tribe's strongest warrior, turned his back on his home and ventured int

The Lazy Prince Becomes A GeniusChapter 82HOT

Irene Pareyra, a lazy prince that no one expected.

Reincarnated Escort WarriorChapter 32
ActionMartial arts

My dream is to become an escort warrior that rides on a cool horse and transports goods. But I've got a limp leg and I'm unable to learn decent martial arts. I've lived as a porter working odd jobs for the entirety of my life. Until I died because of

Could the Boy Next Door be a Vampire?Chapter 48
DramaComedyRomanceShounen ai

Savage HeroChapter 10

10 years since he reincarnated in hellTakamichi is troubled. With the "Incubus" power unlocking further to become stronger by having sex with women but his growth peaked. "I'll move to a new area, wait for me beautiful women of the new world!" Sexy &

Trump (LEE Chae-Eun)Chapter 398

Note: This project began as an amateur manhwa on Naver, but became popular enough that Naver chose to turn it into a professional work. The author and artist changed their pen names and restarted the series from the beginning, redesigning the artwork

Romance In The Capital CityChapter 11

not found...

Beyond Myriad PeoplesChapter 188
ActionMartial artsRomanceShounen

A Myriad of big shots grovel at his feet, yet he insists: "I'm really just an ordinary mortal." The overpowered protagonist who's simultaneously the weakest in the world. / Who's Your Daddy / Beyond A Myria Of Peoples

Legend of Mir: Gold Armored Sword DragonChapter 38

"Where am I? What am I?" Gold Armored Sword Dragon, the boss monster of Demon Palace's 7th floor and the Guardian of the Abyss, becomes self-aware and awakens in a game world! Gold Armored Sword Dragon (or Geum-gab Do-Ryong) is a giant dragon covered

Beauty BIoggers in Another WorIdChapter 68

Two beauty bloggers find themselves in a different universe after an accident! The first thing they decided to do was...make lipsticks and facial mask sets?To go back to where they came from, two bloggers need to gather their hearts and work together

Some Hairy BusinessChapter 40HOT

Who knew dating could be so hairy? After waking up from a night of drinking, Yeonhee is shocked to find herself in the bed of the hottest guy at school, Saeksi Ahn! And apparently she gave him a Brazilian wax?! Saeksi gives her an ultimatum tell eve

MatazoroChapter 21

A teen disaster comedy about 3 girls who failed the grade.After spending nearly a year as a shut-in, Koto enters first year of high school for the second time.Together with fellow repeating students Shiki (held back due to poor health) and Tomoe (hel

The Rebirth Of An 8Th Circled WizardChapter 119

Henry Morris was an 8-circled wizard who was a legend- one of the founding fathers who helped his friend become the king of a unified empire. After the son took over the throne, Henry was executed with the false accusation of leading a rebellion agai

Yakumo TatsuChapter 49.2
DramaMartial artsSupernatural

Kuraki Fuzuchi is a quiet young man who has immense psychic powers and sword skills. He later meets Takeo Nanachi, a college student with similar latent powers. The story opens with Nanachi traveling to a small shrine in the mountains for a festival

The Seamstress GirlChapter 9.2

Left with memories of a past life, Ewey was born into the Artisan noble family of Nylle. However, after it was determined she did not possess the ability to make "Divine Protection Embroidery", she was exploited and spent her days in a living hell. B

I’m Being Shipped With the King of Film!Chapter 253HOT

Whaaa?! The demon spirit management just arranged a husband for me again?! This time, the guy's a movie god! OMG~ I'm only a recently matured small fox. Arranging such an old demon to me, what am I to do~ The Internet Are Character Pair Fans of the M

Discovering Love: A Harlequin Romance CollectionChapter 111

Is love ever where we expect it to be? Love has a way of bringing people together, no matter how different they might seem. Come along on this journey to discover the stories of unexpected pairs finding love in this anthology from Harlequin complete

Flawed AlmightyChapter 68

Do good or go to hell. The conditions of his new curse seem simple enough for once-hopeful hoodlum Jeonji Kim. Or so it seems when his perky guardian angel shows up on his doorstep one day and heals his limp. But will simply going through the motions

HarmoniaChapter 66

Divers discover an immortal jellyfish in the Caribbean Sea and the key to immortality is seemingly at hand for humanity with the development of Harmonia, a pill that keeps its consumers looking young as long as it is taken daily. However, a fatal fla

Daily JoJoChapter 76

Eunjo is an ordinary office worker who lives by the personal mantra, "There's always tomorrow!" She's lazy, messy, and clueless when it comes to looking presentable. Her colleague Wan Jo is the polar opposite. He's religious about self-care, and part

Blood ReverieChapter 40

Cassia works a Dead-End job, lives in a cramped apartment, and can't remember her own last name. Good thing she has a sexy vampire boyfriend who lives in her dreams- if only he were real, then maybe life wouldn't suck so bad.

KidultsChapter 86

Five childhood friends -- Dabin, Jaeha, Taehyeon, Sehui, and Hanbin -- make a promise to always stay friends, even after they become adults. Fast forward to the present, where they are now 24-year-olds facing pivotal moments in their journey into adu

Release That WitchChapter 471HOT

A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exists, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers

The Former Prostitute Became A Rich WifeChapter 24

Domestic violence, ra** the life of suffering that took 18 year old Honoka. "I don't ever want to go back there again!" The place the girl without a place to go ended up with was: the s** industry! Everything was in order to find true happiness. A u

The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk (The villainess caruna has become a child)Chapter 59

The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk, The villainess caruna has become a child, Karuna wants to make a woman named Clayen the prince's fiance.A negative crisis is coming. But the well-prepared villain Karuna is magical.I took medicine, and thanks to

Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Ikusa OtomeChapter 34

Some urban legends are best left untested! Yto Suoh gets more than he bargained for when he joins his childhood friend Mitsuki Shimoya in testing out an urban legend. When he uses his phone to take a picture of himself with the local shrine's divine

Liar (Juri Hakamada)Chapter 121

A fated meeting in spring leads Narita Misao on a rollercoaster of manipulation, love, and lies.

Hunting The Beloved.Chapter 73
ActionAdultShounenShounen ai

Bartender You Yan has been investigating the truth about the killing of his parents but he has no clues. By chance, he met Chi Yu, a forensic doctor who was hired outside the investigation bureau.

EstioChapter 68HOT

"Are you the one who called me?"A black-haired beast looked at him with glowing yellow eyes."It's okay. It won't hurt anymore. You'll be okay."Estio was born as the youngest son of a farmer, but everyone hated him.He was a child who could read the he

The Rebirth of an 8th-Circled MageChapter 119HOT
ActionMartial arts

Henry Maurice was an 8-circled archmage who was a legend- one of the founding fathers who helped his friend become the king of a unified empire. After the son took over the throne, Henry was executed with the false accusation of leading a rebellion a

Loaf AppChapter 28

When country boy Yewang enrolls at the prestigious Yeonghwa Academy to follow his favorite idol Jena Lee, he expects a life of glitz and glamor among Korea's future elite. But he's in for a rude awakening when he finds himself at the very bottom of t

KuberaChapter 559

When Kuberas peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue-together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter... One

Midnight RainChaqpter 117

Noemi's Parents are working for one of the richest family in the country and moved to live on their estate. There she meets Blade the hot-headed prince and Soren, the illegitimate son. Enjoying simple childhood days and falling in love for the first

Lady ScarletChapter 69

Scarlet Marica is the eldest daughter of the bankrupt Baron Marica. She decides to go to the capital with the ambition of becoming the most recognized piano teacher. 3 years later, Scarlet fell in love with Edward Hart instead of pursuing her dream.

The Problematic PrinceChapter 15

The Problematic Prince manhwa, Are poisonous royal mushrooms okay?The beloved son of the royal family, the Prince of the Lichen Kingdom, Prince Beron Dniester, should have given up his position due to his involvement in an unprecedented scandal.Arna

MokrinChapter 20

Can love transcend all boundaries? The 200-year long peace in Mokrin's island tribe is broken when the warlike Fiendbloods arrive to demand open borders. What's more, Eonyeong, the son of their chieftess, falls hopelessly in love with Mokrin. Now it'

The golden dawn light will shine for youChapter 39

Read manhwa The Golden Light of Dawn / The golden dawn light will shine for you / You're still precious to me. After losing her family in a demon attack, Rosha is reborn as the 777th most powerful magic knight in the Golden Dawn Society. To avenge

King of the Eternal NightChapter 25
ActionDramaMartial arts

Lin Xitang chances upon an injured young boy while out on a mission around the nevernight continentThe boy's name is Qianye, and he'll be Xitang's son if he survives the Netherworld training campAn exciting story following a boy working to graduate i

The Golden Light of DawnChapter 39

You're still precious to me. After losing her family in a demon attack, Rosha is reborn as the 777th most powerful magic knight in the Golden Dawn Society. To avenge her family, she trains hard and rises through the ranks against the odds. Then, she

Private Love My ActorChapter 6

not found...

Sensei de ○○ shicha Ikemasen!Chapter 38

"Want to learn about sex with sensei?"Immensely popular with students, and who is both beautiful and kind, is the infirmary's Yui-chan-sensei! She has a charm on a level that makes you unintentionally , and for the students in the midst of puberty, t

Accident In Broad DaylightChapter 14
Shounen aiWebtoon

In Yi Zhe's opinion, the world is boring and uninteresting, it seems that everything is meaningless. Until he met the only warmth in his life Xu Tangcheng. He lived his life in his own world, and in a world consisting only him and himself, until he

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!Chapter 34.6HOT
ComedyRomanceShounen aiMature

Adachi, a thirty-year-old virgin, has developed the power to read people's minds by touching them. After a brush with his very handsome colleague, Adachi realizes the guy has a raging crush on none other than Adachi himself!

King of the OctagonChapter 38

The thrilling MMA conquest of a rookie genius fighterWheesung, who was a promising sportsman with a natural sense ofmovement, quit exercising in high school due to an injury and lives a part-time life.In the meantime, he is invited to the match of MM

Tenohira Kaitaku Mura De Isekai Kenkokuki: Fueteku Yome-Tachi To Nonbiri Mujintou LifeChapter 40

Kai who was reincarnated into different world, thrown away by the corrupt church into an isolated Island full of dangerous demons. The key to survive on the island is the Kai's Cheat ability to summon a different world's item that Kai only used in. W

I Left My Country Behind To Become Your WifeChapter 82
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