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Baked by the BaronessChapter 50

Read manhua Baked by the BaronessWhen hapless aspiring baker Ally dies and is reborn as the villainess Nannette, she finds herself in the middle of a web of spies, lies, love affairs, and lemon squares. And that's before Nannette's super-hot husband

When I Stopped Being Your ShadowChapter 25

Read manhwa When I Stopped Being Your Shadow / He was the hand of G**, the painter of the century. My husband became the best artist in the empire. And I was his shadow. Even when my work went viral under my husband's name, even when people spoke

The CellistChapter 84

Kim Hayeon was just covering for a friend at their day job when she unexpectedly ends up inside cellist Ji Sehun's private waiting room. Despite his immense musical talent, Sehun is aloof and cold-hearted, and doesn't take kindly to Hayeon's intrusio

From Maid to QueenChapter 91

Urania was just a lowly maid until she captured the attention of King Kraus III and became his concubine. The nobles and the other maids, however, despised their love and dragged Urania down. Heartbroken and at her wit's end, she was ready to accept

Crushing Jade and Casting PearlsChapter 82
DramaRomanceShounen ai

When Ding Hanbai, the young master of the centuries-old jade-carving shop, first laid eyes on his timid shidi Ji Zhenzhu, he bullied him relentlessly, not expecting that Jiangnan could produce someone who would break down his defenses and melt his he

The Mistress Runs AwayChapter 59

Ever since that fateful rainy day when she was rescued by the handsome Duke Killian Devonshire, Rowena has lived as his mistress. Though she believes that Killian has grown to love her over the past three years, she wants to repay her debt to him and

Holding You CaptiveChapter 11

Read manhwa Holding You Captive / Make It Impossible For You to Escape / Freedom is all our heroine wants, but that isn't what she finds when she is summoned across worlds into the body of Lady Beatrice and is newly named "Regria." As a "divine be

Twincognito RomanceChapter 71

Lee Haeun's peaceful life fell into pieces the night her twin Chaeeun disappeared without a trace. With no way to contact her sister and rent to pay, Haeun has little choice but to go to Chaeeun's company, disguised as Chaeeun herself! Things get eve

The Predator’s Contracted FiancéeChapter 90

"You shouldn't have crossed this line, Elisha, if you didn't want it to be like this." A sturdy arm wrapped around her swaying body. Her head became hazy and an intentional hot sweet sigh was pulled out of her. How the hell did I get myself in this s

It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty MasterChapter 38
ActionMartial arts

It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master manhua, If he fails to confess his love to his beautiful master, he'll turn into a dog? Zhang Yi obtained the Destiny System and awakened the Supreme Holy Body. As long as he's able win the heart of

Avoiding the Heavenly EmperorChapter 80

Bam Binee's dream job is the position of grade 7 civil servant of the Celestial Palace! Luckily for her, the Heavenly Emperor is seeking a wife through the Heavenly Empress Selection, an event that also allows talented ladies to become civil servants

Gabriel DropoutChapter 101

Tenma Gabriel White graduates Angel College as top of the class and is sent down to earth, along with her classmate Angels to study Humans as a High School student to learn how to better lead them down a righteous path. At least that is how it should

I Thought It Was a Common Isekai StoryChapter 44

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story"Summary:I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Know This Clich! I thoug

Kawaii Joushi o KomarasetaiChapter 74

Ira Megumi is a 31-years-old woman who is currently at the top of her career. She's a beautiful woman who's brimming with pride and totally has no interest in love or marriage. Though the next morning, she wakes up and find the new employee, Aoki Shu

The Villainous DoctorChapter 185

Webnovel: When she met him for the first time, she just wanted to escape from him. From then on, however, she gradually got used to his company. He is the god of death to everyone else, but he will always give the barest hint of a smile to her. Whene

I Am The Precious Daughter Of The Greatest Villain In The Fantasy WorldChapter 100
Strong RepresentativeChapter 35
ActionMartial artsWebtoons

Myungtae, You Little Rascal!Chapter 5

not found...

Worn And Torn NewbieChapter 163

15 years remain till termination of service. The ending is known only to me.I am a veteran'.

Apocalyptic Super FarmChapter 26

The world plunges into panic as the apocalypse approaches and plants and water sources dry up completely. Food and survival become people's utmost concerns once again. Rice and flour become luxury items, and vegetables are scarce and unavailable. How

My Bosss’s Perfect WeddingChapter 29

Read manhwa My Bosss's Perfect Wedding / Menikah Saja Sendiri / Perfect Wedding / "A wedding without a bride?" Taesung Group's president, Mujin Tae, is a workaholic with no interest in women. But one day, he's suddenly been given an ultimatum by his

Adventures of an Undead Who Became PaladinChapter 169

"Humility! Integrity! Compassion! Valor! Justice! Sacrifice! Honor! Faith!" He's a lich, however, he's knightly! He is a lich, but he keeps his faith in the light! "Fearless in the face of the enemy! Loyal and upright, he fights to the death! Why you

The First SequenceChapter 97

After a great catastrophe stuck, humanity started living in anarchy. Acid rain floated across the sky, wild wolves roared in the wilderness, the consortium in the barrier sang night after night, and the refugees outside the wall were hungry and cold.

Life In Tokyo IchijouChapter 38

Ichijou Seiya is a young prodigy who is the manager of the Teiai underground casino and the creator of the diabolical pachinko machine "The Bog." Before his fight to the death with his nemesis, Itou Kaiji, he had a smoldering youth and was unable to

Disaster Fox Kuzure-chanChapter 30


The Grim Reaper Falls In Love With A HumanChapter 26

"You can see me again?"One day "Human" was overworked from his black company and about to die... And saw a Grim Reaper!But even though her job is to collect souls, "Grim-chan" instead takes care of "Human" so he doesn't die....?

Manyuu HikenchouChapter 13

It is currently the Taiheimeji Era. It is a reign ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate. Inside this shogunate, there is a group of warriors that support the government. They are the Manyuu Clan.In this current era, breasts mean everything. If you have bre

I Thought It’s a Common PossessionChapter 44

Read manhwa I Thought It's a Common Possession / I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story / I Thought It Was a Common Transmigration / I Thought It Was a Common Possession / I Was the Villainess Who Would Die by the Hands of the Male Lead, but I Kno

The Unattainable Flower's Twisted BloomChapter 54.5

The Unattainable Flowers Twisted Bloom Manga : She is the perfect student, beautiful, clever and with lot's of friends... He is an ordinary boy in the class, staring at her from afar but one day he sees her in a very compromising situation! How will

I'm Stanning The PrinceChapter 74

Angela fanfic became such a sensation that it even reached the Imperial Family, leading her to get arrested on charges of treason.Nevertheless, her fanfic improved the First Prince image, and his sister, the Princess, decides to take political advant

Goddess Café TerraceChapter 131

Kasukabe Hayato has been accepted to Tokyo U on his first try. Receiving news of his grandmother's death, he returns to his childhood home, Cafe Terrace Familia, for the first time in three years to find five strange girls there who claim to be "Gran

Chainsaw ManChapter 150

There's a new hero in town and he's got a bad attitude and a chainsaw dog demon! A dangerous combo.

My Body Has Been Possessed By SomeoneChapter 39

"Listen to me. I'm the only one you can count on."".""I'm the only one for you."".""Only me."What an abominable delusion.* * *For more than 10 years, my body was possessed by someone else. It would have been nice of that person' if she used my body a

Kabushiki Gaisha Magi LumiereChapter 94

Kabushiki Gaisha Magi Lumiere , MagiLumiere Co., Ltd. Kabushiki Gaisha MagiLumiere Manga about a girl who was looking for a job and ended up in a corporation of magical girls fighting monsters.

Tokyo Neon ScandalChapter 72

The magazine contains people "secrets".Hayama, a new employee is assigned to the weekly scandal editorial department.It is a weekly photo magazine that publishes extreme stories about everything, from celebrity infidelity to behind-the-scenes crimes,

Dark GatheringChapter 55.5

Keitarou, who's always had a disposition for attracting spirits, gets hired as a tutor for a little girl named Yayoi who can see spirits and is searching for the spirit that took away her mother.

Surviving As A Mage In A Magic AcademyChapter 70

Life of a Magic Academy Mage manhwa, Magic Academy Survival Guide Life as a magic academy mage. Graduate student Lee Han was born as the youngest son in another world's famous family of mages. He swore he would never go to another place with the word

Chronicles Of A ReturnerChapter 80
ActionDramaComedyMartial arts

The Song of TheodorChapter 184

During her childhood years, Sienna, the vivacious Princess of the Western Empire, and Latio, the Prince of the Northern Kingdom who was sent over as a political hostage, had a fateful encounter. The two gradually opened their hearts to each other, wh

I Can Have Infinite EpiphaChapter 103

I Can Have Infinite EpiphaniesW Ky Wxin Dnw

I Was Rocked to the World’s Richest Man in a Matchmaking OfficeChapter 211

As soon as I graduated, the country assigned me an object, and it was also the super diamond king Ye Junqing on the Forbes rich list. As the leader of the top ten cancers of unmarriage that have spread wildly outside, Ye Xingguang thought that such a

My K-Pop SecretChapter 41

When a member of top K-pop boy band CNTR disappears before a big performance, newcomer Haneul Kyung, a broke college student steps in and aces the auditions for temporary replacement. Haneul eventually wins the hearts of fans, but continues to clash

Unscrupuous Consort: the Evil DotorChapter 185

When she met him for the first time, she just wanted to escape from him. From then on, however, she gradually got used to his company. He is the god of death to everyone else, but he will always give the barest hint of a smile to her. Whenever there

Your Kiss Scene!Chapter 20

Your Kiss Scene! manhwa, !Entertainment writer Lee Seul, heard the news of her favorite idol, Block Shoot's Seung-Chan, on her new entertainment program.Expectations of meeting her favorite for more than 10 years are brief, and she accidentally sees

High School Life Guide for the Great WizardChapter 16

A Guide to High School Life for Archmages / ????? ?? ???? ??? / High School Life Guide for the Great Wizard

EleceedChapter 274HOT

Kaiden - A mysterious ability user who hides inside the body of a street cat. He is later picked up by Jiwoo after being injured after a fight with another ability user. He has a stubborn and bossy personality. Jiwoo - an energetic and talkative high

Please Slay The Demon! Young Master!Chapter 24

not found...

I’m living with my Mother-in-law!Chapter 47

It's well-known that living with one's mother-in-law is basically he**. So marrying a poor merchant with no family should be an easy way to avoid that mess, right? Well, that was Elaen's plan until she realizes that her husband, Ahen, lied to her, an

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