Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

The Twelve City, a land governed by the leaders of the families who bear in their names the Chinese zodiac. In a city where youkai and humans coexist, the cat youkai who holds a grudge against the Rat Family appears in front of Nekuni Kyouichi, the

O Chikadzuki Ni Naritai Manga

Matsubayashi wants to be friends with his prim and proper classmate, Miyazen. And unbeknownst to him, the feeling is mutual.However, being a brash-looking delinquent, he has a lot of trouble communicating with her, despite her valiant (and embarrassi

A Witch's Life in a Six-Tatami Room

Novice witches Maj and Lilica live together in a one room apartment. Being low-ranked C-class witches, the work they can do is limited, and their income is small. Even still, they dream of a better life...!