Fujitobi Manga

Awairo Emaki

When Ryuuta was 6 years old, he was attacked by a youkai. At that moment, a mysterious boy named Izumo came to his aid and exorcised the youkai. Izumo gives a promise that when Ryuuta gets strong enough to be by his side, they'll meet again.After 10

Saiaku no Jinsei

Koisuru Sono Jijou waStory of Miike and his boyfriend who has a nape fetish.Saiaku no JinseiKawashima is a 3rd year highschool student who's always had a shitty life. He has a violent personality so people constantly misjudge him and his actions. On

Inoue-kun Hajimemasen ka?

After being saved twice from an asthma attack, first year student Inoue falls in love with Karasuma, a boy who's not interested in love. After being rejected several times, Inoue recieves warnings that Karasuma is a dangerous person but will that ch