MiHoYo Manga

Honkai Impact 3

A Manhua adaptation based of the popular smartphone game Honkai 3rd launched by miHoYo Collapse ... An unknown force once known bury the civilization of mankinds in the distant past ... now descended into this peaceful world once again. B.C. Year 200

Honkai Impact 3Rd - 2Nd Lawman

On February 1st, 2001. The entire man research staff of Shicksals Babylon facility in Siberia disappeared overnight. While Theresa investigates this mystery under orders from Otto, Walter and Einstein make preparation for her appearence. The stage is

Honkai Impact 3 - Anti-Entropy Invasion

The story took place directly after the mystery of the Stigmata. Himeko, who was heavily wounded in Chiyou, her life was in critical condition. Upset because She felt Herself too weak and unable To protect important people beside Her. Kiana particip

Honkai Impact 3 - Moon Shadow

The story set one month after invasion of Anti-Enthrophy (refer : #book 1006). After the turmoil of the Anti-Enthrophy invasion of the St. Freya's School was subsided, Himeko was awakened from a coma. While everyone was celebrating for the returning

Honkai Impact 3 - Valkyries' Dining Escapades

This is a story about the Valkyries living in the dorm and their culinary adventures. Each valkyrie has a different specialty but they all share the same desire to convey their feelings to their loved ones through cooking.

Genshin Impact

Aeons ago, the elder elemental gods granted civilization to the human race, but the world soon splintered as corruption and greed grew without check. Can the forces holding this world together be balanced against human desires, or is everything ulti

Honkai Impact 3Rd - Violet Sea Story

In the distant red snow fields of war torn Siberia, the child soldier, Silver Wolf Bronya, gets adopted by the Cocolia Orphanage. A fateful meeting with Seele would set the stage for tragic events ahead.. Explore the origins behind Bronya's mysteriou

Houkai Gakuen 2 - Side Stories

A collection of Houkai Gakuen 2 stories.

Honkai Impact 3 - Purple Kite's Tales

Synopsis taken at Raw : In 1470 AD, the destiny of expansionary forces launched a massive expedition. Despite doubts about the purpose of this war, Kallen Kaslana, the top tier female valkyrie, obeyed the orders of the scikshall organization. But on

Guns Girl SchoolDayZ EX

Guns Girl SchoolDayZ EX is a special comic series depicting the stories behind the world of the popular game, Guns Girl SchoolDayZ. It also includes the various backstories of the characters in the game.

Genshin Impact 4-Koma

Official 4-koma comic for the award-winning game, Genshin Impact. No set schedule.A relaxing trip in Teyvat >

Honkai Gakuen 4 Koma

4 Koma based on the mobile game Gun Girlz (Honkai Gakuen)