Morinaga Ai Manga

Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu

From Del Rey:Hana Suzuki loves only two things in life: eating and sleeping. So when her handsome classmate Izumi Oda talks her into joining the school hockey club, how is she going to survive getting up early, working hard, and playing well with ot

Boku to Kanojo no XXX

Two teens see how the other half lives!When her mad scientist grandfather accidentally switches their bodies. Akira Uehara is mortified when his best buddy starts hitting on "him," and is embarrassed to look at "himself" in the mirror in her underwe

Yamada Tarou Monogatari

From Kagami:With their father going away for an extended time without any warnings whatsoever, the Yamadas have to get by on their own, and Tarou, the eldest son, carries the biggest burden of all: supporting their large family.Of course, Tarou's mo

Ahiru no Oujisama

In reality, an ugly duckling could never become a beautiful swan. However, when a short ugly boy makes a wish to be reborn beautiful, his wish is granted and he becomes a gorgeous young man that all the girls fall for. Will being beautiful be everyt

Kirara no Hoshi

The story centers around a quiet high school girl who ends up inheriting a minor entertainment talent agency. To pay off her newly obtained debts, she sets out to discover new talent and stars on the rise.


Homare is a lovely first year high school student who has been sold off to the Ichinokura family as payment for her parents' debt. Although there are only guys in the Ichinokura family, they are all clean and kind, and Homare works hard as a pretty

Yamada Ikka Monogatari Gorgeous

From The Little Corner:Revisit each of the Yamada family members as they have all grown up and well!Yamada Tarou Monogatari (Main Story)