Beast and Princess

The one who protects the princess is the beasts that can transform into humans!? Yoseph the bear, Ludwig the hound, Miers the Canaria and Lichart the white horse, are the only friends Yulia, Vek Kingdom's first princess, has. Inside the tower which

Chouchou Jiken

Showa 5th Year, Yokohama.After the Great War, in this country where a dreary shadow was cast by the militaristic tides, Yokohama that was able to spectacularly develop with overflowing exoticism. But One night, the public sprang out from the shockin

Wand of Fortune

"This wand will bring you 'fortune', I'm sure." Lulu is an incredibly positive girl, who is overflowing with dreams and hopes. She aspires to become a magician after falling in love with her grandmother's magic. However, she was not born with an 'el