Disguised As A Male Secretary

남장 비서

Authors : Lee So Han

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Drama , Slice of life

Chapters: 44

Last update: 24 days ago

4.3 /5 (45 votes)

Seo Won, who works as a vice president's secretary disguised as a male secretary on behalf of her younger brother who has been in an accident, becomes mistaken as a corporate spy immediately and has to work alone to remove the suspicions of her as a spy"Don't meet that woman. Other women too""What is kind of forcefulness is that?"Isis this social life? While busy with finding out the spy, she becomes entangled with the vice-president, Kang Jun, who knows her as a man and shows interest in her, and the smiling director who meets with Kang Jun frequently, Dong Jin.In this situation, can Seo Won remove suspicions of her as a spy and hide her gender?*Note: Novel was smut, manwha is censored


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Disguised As A Male Secretary