He Was Born To Be My HusbandChapter 22
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The introduction of the domineering gangster wolf dog Gu Jia Rui X high school bully cold single Liang. A rich young master, an orphanage abandoned son. The two men with very different identities and statuses have become good "brothers" and have bee

Hey! Untie Me! I’m Your Wife!Chapter 14
ComedyMartial artsRomanceShounen ai

Someone who's transmigrated as a King or Prince lives an extravagant life basking with power and influence. Then there's someone who's transmigrated as Sect Master or Leader well respected and has an extraordinary skill. Finally the least of them is

Devil Can’t Love The AngelChapter 20
ComedyShounen aiWebtoons

Sweet and teasing, demon x angel couple pairing! The two races were meant to be like fire and water, yet the head general of the demons, Wei Zou, secretly holds a crush on the head general of the angels, An Si. To get the other party's affection, he

I Don’t Trust My Twin SisterChapter 0

The richest woman in the world, Laurencia Aztane, had success in both work and beauty, but her life was miserable. She worked day and night to protect the one and only family, her weak twins, Erusia. However, she discovered a cruel truth that the ill

My Classmate, Don’t Be Angry With MeChapter 25
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The school god, Ji Yuming, is in trouble with the school bully, Shen Yichen! The two school hotshots, who originally had no connection with each other, have gotten into a fight because of a special "diary"! Shen Yichen fierce and fierce found that th

Hold My Hand And Let’s GoChapter 6
ComedyShounen ai

The strange "player" Zhu Wei appears and brings another possibility for An Ning: he is not an NPC, he is the real player chosen by the horror game system! "This is an abandoned world, you must find a way to escape, or you will only be greeted with d

My Disipple Become A DemonChapter 16
Martial artsMatureRomanceShounen ai

Cold and dusty master X crazy batch disciple! Mu Qing Yi died to save the world, and was reborn ten years later, only to find that his good apprentice had become the world's greatest devil! "Yin Li, you respect me, I am your master!" "It is because y

In This Life, Let Me Protect You.Chapter 5

The person who broke into his home was actually his custom-made humanoid doll."Why me? Why do you want to find me?" "Don't you understand?"

I Have A Crush On A Cold GangsterChapter 9
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Violent iceberg heroes attack, squeamish stubbornness. Jianghu martial arts.

Hunting The Beloved.Chapter 7
ActionAdultShounenShounen ai

Bartender You Yan has been investigating the truth about the killing of his parents but he has no clues. By chance, he met Chi Yu, a forensic doctor who was hired outside the investigation bureau.