I ♂ Took A Trip to an Otome Game

Otoge ni Torippu shita Ore ♂ ,Otoge ni Trip shita Ore ♂ ,乙ゲーにトリップした俺♂

Authors : Ikusa Kano

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Harem , Shoujo

Chapters: 7

Last update: 12 days ago

4.7 /5 (60 votes)

College student Otonari Otoya is a boy who lacks self-esteem and dreams of being reborn into a different dimension. One day while playing a [video] game, he accidentally clicks on an ad, and trips into another world?!?!He's surprised but delighted, until he realizes that something's strange. A whole group of guys are treating him too kindly, almost like he's a girl! Could it be that the world Otonari was transported into... is an otome game?!?!


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I ♂ Took A Trip to an Otome Game