The Consort Who's a Bloodthirsty Doctor

Authors : Chen Guojian

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Webtoons

Chapters: 52

Last update: a day ago

4.2 /5 (33 votes)

In her past life, before a plane crash, she was a genius in both medicine and poison. In this life, she is the legitimate daughter of a noble family whose fianc has been snatched by her illegitimate sister. Right after entering her new life, she finds herself already infected with a serious case of body odor. The younger sisters of the original host's body scorn her, and she has found out that the original host died because she hit her head against the railing when her fianc slapped her. Now that she has replaced the previous host, she will not allow these despicable villains to continue opressing her. Why does the Cold-faced Prince, known as the War King of Hell, seem so different from the rumors? Regardless, whoever that insults her, frames her, or tries to assassinate her must die!


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The Consort Who's a Bloodthirsty Doctor