The Prince Has Lost His Mind

Tai Zi De Liao Shi Xin Feng,太子得了失心疯,The Crown Prince Lost His Heart; Prince Edward's Heart Was Stolen

Authors : 2396 Studio

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Historical , Romance

Chapters: 181

Last update: a day ago

4.2 /5 (42 votes)

The sick and weak Crown Prince of Daqi, Feng Jin Yan has only one last breath left so the emperor ordered the chaplain, Wu Nian to perform the opening altar practice and use the method of invoking the soul to snatch back his beloved son from the Halls of Hell. However, he did not know that after the practice, Wu Nian brought back the most tyrannical prince in history, Feng Wu Yu, who was from 900 years ago instead. The emperor cried at the feet of the chaplain "return my cute and soft prince to me!" Wu Nian replied with a serious fudge "the crown prince is not hurt, he just lost his mind, he will be cured after being treated by me". Instead of really curing the prince, in her thoughts, she was thinking "thousand years old soul, that will be a great tonic ah! Hehehe~". +


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The Prince Has Lost His Mind