Umibe no Onnanoko

うみべの女の子 ; A Girl by the Sea ; Beach Girl ; Girl on the Beach ; The Girl of the Beach ; Umibe no Onna no Ko

Authors : Asano Inio

Status : Completed

Genres : Adult , Drama , Mature , Romance , School life , Slice of life

Chapters: 20

Last update: 6 years ago

4.3 /5 (55 votes)

From Kotonoha:Koume Sato and Kosuke Isobe are two teenagers living in a sleepy seaside town. After getting used and dumped by her crush, the emotionally damaged Koume decides to start a sexual relationship with Kosuke, without any emotions involved. However, they both soon discover that sex with no strings attached do lead to unexpected complications, not just for themselves but also the people surrounding them.


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Umibe no Onnanoko