O Chikadzuki Ni Naritai MangaChapter 19

Matsubayashi wants to be friends with his prim and proper classmate, Miyazen. And unbeknownst to him, the feeling is mutual.However, being a brash-looking delinquent, he has a lot of trouble communicating with her, despite her valiant (and embarrassi

Ookami ni Kuchizuke

From Chibi Manga: My name is Takahashi Akane. I found a good boyfriend. His name is Kurotsuki Yuito. But he lies like a fox. But...aren't lies the beginning of love?!

Oiran ChirashiChapter 5

From Antisense Scanslations: I was just a regular office worker on my way home from work, when I had the misfortune to be involved in a traffic accident. Next thing I know, somehow I'm in Edo-period Tokyo, in the red light district?! Is this for real

One-way CrushChapter 79

"Please let me off, CEO!" The seductive bar singer in his embrace, is the bespectacled boy who had a one-sided love with him for years. He wouldn't want to meet this boy again, but this boy became his assistant on the second day?! He felt ridiculed..

Onihime VS

Weak, bullied, and pessimistic about life, that's Setsuna Kashiwagi. On the verge of jumping off a bridge, a mysterious man appears behind him and offers the contract "10 million yen in exchange for your life in a year." Skeptical at first, he accept

Ore Ga... Yuri!?Chapter 8 [End]

A miraculous account of a doubter who was turned into a woman by the one true god. "If you cannot make a girl fall in love with you as a woman your punishment will be to remain a woman for the rest of her life." Thus spake INSR-sama - the powerful ho

Outer ZoneVol.8 Chapter 57: Magic Doll 5 (Part 2)

A Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-esque romp through the occult and supernatural led by your elven-eared hostess, Misery.

Oniichan to IsshoChapter 57

From Esthtique:Sakura had lived with her grandma ever since her parents died in a car accident when she was three. When she turned fourteen, her grandma also passed away, leaving her alone. Just when she was about to give up hope having a family, out

Ore no Kanbotsu Chikubi ga Senpai no Shitapi de TachimashitaChapter 57

."Your nipples stuck out properly." His senior's tongue piercing goes in deep licking the indent... His sensitive nipples quiver as the start to stand out...!?

Ozanari DungeonChapter 87

From JanimeS, now Sura's Place: This manga follows the adventures of a group of mercenaries: the barbarian Moka (the main character), the rogue Blueman, and the mage Kirinman. Moka and her gang belong to a dark mercenary guild. Moka, being a barbaria

Ookumo-chan FlashbackChapter 34: I had a problem I couldn't tell anybody

The manga centers around first-year high school student Minoru Suzuki, who sometimes sees visions of his own mother's past as a high school student.

Otaku no Tonari wa ERUFU Desuka?Chapter 16

In the year 20XX, Japan began exchanging ideas and cultures with other worlds. One day, a beautiful elf moves into the apartment next to Keita Inudo, a high school boy who aspires to be a Mangaka. But she wont be the only girl to push herself into Ke

Ore no Otouto no Honjitsu no OnedariChapter 6: Aiken Temptation [End]

"I want to have sex with you, nii-chan."That one sentence from my younger brother made my - Ichinose Chihiro's - life do a complete 180.Chikage and I are brothers that get along well.It's been a few years since I started to live together in Tokyo wit

Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love ComedyChapter 22

My childhood friend Shida Kuroha seems to have feelings for me. She lives next door, and is small and cute. With an outgoing character, she's the caring Onee-san type, this being one of her greatest strengths.But, I already have my first love, the be

Obaka-chan, KoigatarikiVol.3 Chapter 38

From Shinnen: Since childhood, Neiro has been known for being good at fighting, making people fear her and giving her the title of Kansai's strongest woman. Wanting to find romance, she decides to transfer to a high school in Kanto. Instead, what fac

Ouroboros:ウロボロス(Yaoi)Chapter 82 : final noteHOT

Omae no Koi wa Ore no MonoChapter 4.6: Extra Pages

Summary:Captain of the Judo Club, Mochizuki, and Captain of the Karate Club, Ishio, are like cat and dog. Everyday is filled with quarrels over the small gym they share. One day, Ishio accidentally saw Mochizuki's bare skin when he was changing cloth

Orange (TAKANO Ichigo)Vol.5 Chapter 25 : Takako Chino (Vol 7 Extra)

From Day of the River:One day, Takamiya Naho receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. As Naho reads on, the letter recites the exact events of the day, including the transfer of a new student into her class named Naruse Kake

Offal IslandChapter 30: Epilogue

Up and coming mixed raced glamour model Alice accepts the job of a lifetime for a fashion shoot on an Island unlike any other. Along with her cohorts she must survive the freaks that terrorize them!

Otome SensouChapter 37

From MangaHelpers: The story begins in 1420, right as what would be known as the Bohemian War began. A young girl named Sharka is raped and left for dead among the corpses of her whole town, but she manages to survive. She is picked up by the Bohemia

Orange Yane no Chiisana IeVol.8 chapter 64 : Mama and Papa s Wedding (END)

A man comes home one day to have his wife give him divorce papers. A woman comes home to her apartment one day to find a woman she doesn't know wrapped in a towel coming out of the shower. The two want to start new lives by somehow being on their own

Oreni Sosogarerunante Arigataku OmoeyoChapter 74

"Say it. Say you want me to fuck you..." My whole body turned into an erogenous zone, every single touch creates pleasure... He greedily devours my entire body and I can't get away from him...!**WARNING: Contains non-consensual and dubious consensual

OctaveVol.6 Chapter 36 : Sunshine

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've been infatuated with the "other side"; the world of splendor. Yes, I wanted to become one of those glittering stars. And so, my dream has come true. But nowAll I want is to be beloved by someone."When she was you

Okobore Hime to Entaku no KishiVol.4 Chapter 17

From AQUA Scans: Leticia's father, the current king, is very wise and knew that both of his sons have their own supporters and that if either one became king the other brother's supporters would rebel, and the country would have a civil war. So he de

Offense and Defense in Daites
ComedyRomanceShounen ai

The daughter of the Daites Province's Duke, Milliana, had enjoyed her previous life in modern Japan. However, to despite her present status, she finds life in her present world very inconvenient. Especially, the lack of BL! So she seeks to reform the

Oboreru KnifeChapter 42: Vol 07

A beautiful and mature sixth grade girl from Tokyo suddenly has to move out to the country side of Japan with her family. The girl, Natsume, then meets a boy and from then on she begins to feel 'something' in her body, like a surging wave....

Ousama ni Kiss!Vol.3 Chapter 29

From Blissful Sin:On the outskirts of Tokyo, Toubuisazaki High School is known for its mottos of "Yakuza are your friends!" and "Seize the chief's weakness!" Amidst these scary rumors is the king of the school, high school student Maki: a person with

Over DriveChapter 77

The story begins with a flashforward to the Tour de France, where Mikoto Shinozaki would become the first Japanese champion.Time before this, and while feeling a deep crush on Yuki Fukazawa, Mikoto then decides to get into his high school cycling clu

OkashiratsukiChapter 19: Two Peas in a Pod

Hiyama Nachi has always hated that she didn't tan in the sun like her teammates in the softball club. The difference made her stand out and uncomfortable. Then she met a kind, quiet boy, and accidentally discovered his secret, a secret that made him

Otogi MatsuriVol.12 Chapter 73 : God And Man [End]

The manga starts off with a very odd killing. Then, it jumps to a few days later where Yousuke ends up breaking a small shrine. It later gives him the guardian Suzaku - just in time too, for he must face the murderer that opened the manga.

Otouto no OttoVol.3 Chapter 21 : Forgotten Item

From Gaymanga:Yaichi and his daughter Kana are visited by Mike, the Canadian husband of Yaichi's twin brother.

Ookamidomo no ShitsukekataChapter 6

From Intercross:Origawa Industry Public High School is a school filled with rough men. There's only one girl in this high school packed with wolves. But this little sheep isn't an ordinary person!

Ookami no Kuchi: WolfsmundChapter 36 : Final Chapter: The Battle Of Morgarten Part 6

From Kotonoha Wolfsmund is a dark historical manga set in the early 14th century of Europe (Switzerland). The story revolves around the eponymous fortress in the St. Gotthard Pass which is ruled by a sadistic tyrant. Basically, each chapter deals wit

Osu!! Karate BuChapter 211
ActionComedyMartial arts

The series began as a fairly humorous and lighthearted satire of Japan teenage delinquent-gang subculture told from the perspective of Matsushita Tadashi (who also narrates these early Karate Bu stories), a 2nd year student at Kangokou High and a con

Oniichan ControlVol.3 Chapter 31 : Onii-Chan ˜… Forever [End]

Hirose Goushi has a huge sister complex. So huge, he moves from his home town to Tokyo to attend Myouzen University in order to escape it!Three years later, Goushi's little sister Noa shows up and informs him that she's taking the Myouzen University

Over-cumming writer’s blockChapter 23


One Million GoldChapter 24: Necromancer Queen

Evangeline, a half-elf merchant, tries to earn her way to one million gold so that she can enter the Final City, a place where only the rich and powerful are allowed.

Ou-sama Game - KigenVol.1 Chapter 30

"The King's orders are absolute. Fail to obey, and you will be punished." 30 years ago in the remote Yonaki Village, a black envelope is delivered to a single villager. The command inside threatens to draw the entire population into a terrible traged

Omujo! Omutsu JoshiChapter 28: We Are Omujo

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Ouhi-sama wa ToubouchuuVol.1 Chapter 7

Shize, who has been living a fugitive life in Japan, was summoned to another world. Finally found a place full of happiness she belongs to, she got married to the king and gave birth to an adorable baby girl. Suddenly the head Priest of the palace fo

Our CompanionshipChapter 45: Side Story 9HOT
RomanceShounen aiWebtoons

Description : Ever since high school, Sang Hwa has had a crush on his seemingly perfect best friend, Ryuh Han. Feeling both inferior and lonely, he delved into Lessa, an MMO slowly declining in popularity and an escape from Ryuh Han. In game, he stum

Onee-san wa Joshi Shougakusei ni Kyoumi ga arimasu.Chapter 41.4: Extra 4

The comedic story about a high school teacher, who happens to be a pedophile, and the girl she babysits with her roommate!

Organ DividerChapter 19: Two people

Where did she come from? Just who is she? The female hive Toda mowed down a swarm of powerful cyborgs.

One More AgeChapter 7: Throbbing Male Uterus
ActionComedyEcchiMartial arts

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Otome Youkai ZakuroVol.11 Chapter 77

Description : It's the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calendar has just come into effect. The fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers

Ochiru Seija no SeppunChapter 6.5: Extra [END]

From Fantasyshrine:Okano-sensei, a high school teacher, was sexually molested by a pervert in the train on the way to school. As fate would have it, his student, Tokiwa, witnessed the whole incident. He then threatened to expose Okano for having a fe

Omae wa HitsujiVol.1 Chapter 6 : Extra [End]

From Yaoi Desire Revolution:University student Sahara, with his horrible luck, loses his home when his entire apartment goes up in flames. Luckily, he is able to stay at a friend's place. But he is suddenly mistaken as a suspicious person by his frie

Ojousama wa OyomesamaChapter 32

Towako the ojousama (daughter of a high class family) will be turning 18 years old soon. When she was very young, she was told that on this 18th birthday she is to marry the young man who was born on the same day, the same time, and the same year as