The MAX leveled hero will return!Chapter 72

Davy Al Rune was the first prince of a very ordinary kingdom. His happy and peaceful childhood was shattered as the reality of his position hit. With the assassination attempt on his life, he falls into a coma where his consciousness and soul travels

The World's Best Assassin, Reincarnated in a Different World as an AristocratChapter 15

The eldest son of the assassin aristocrat Towerhades.The skill, experience, knowledge of the previous life, magic, all of which grows his power as an assassin.Excellent assassins pass through. He was usually admired as the ideal lord, and behind it w

The Crazy Adventures of Mystical DoctorChapter 159

After the modern female killer travelling crossed, she was reborn as a loser in this new world - Sima Youyue, the fifth young master in the generals' residence. As a result, she began the way of grass counterback, collecting all kinds of magical anim

Tensei Ouji wa DaraketaiChapter 26

Haruto is an ordinary Japanese student who is tired of constant work and study. After getting trucked, he is reincarnated as Phil Graceheart, the youngest child in a royal family. When Phil is three years old, he gets a head injury that causes him to

The Expensive Ex-Wife Of A Wealthy FamilyChapter 723

Jianmo, known as the "Campus Flower"gets separated from the other party after her boyfriend decides to study overseas after graduation. The couple decides to keep a distant relationship and wait for the other partner before starting their new life to

The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church FoodChapter 21.1HOT

Event planner Yuka Sawatanis life ended as the result of overwork. Reborn into an Otome game with her memory intact, she becomes the villainess Elizabeth. She tries to resist her fate, but at the ending of the game, she is promptly banished.

The Peerless ConcubineChapter 155.5

Trash? Ugly girl? None exists --- when everyone looks with disdain and ridicule, who can expect that a sick and frail girl's body contains the soul of an absolute immortal.

The Heaven's ListChapter 133: Real Or Fake Tai Cang (1)
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

Set in the "The Great Ruler" world in the distant future. We follow the journey of a young cultivator aspiring to join the "spiritual road".

The Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her HusbandChapter 161

The Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her Husband manga summary: I am a modern-day physician, that transmigrated, and became a concubine.Abandoned by my lord, other concubines are constantly trying to find fault in me.Originally I did not have much interest

The Villainess Reverses The HourglassChapter 86HOT

Description : With the marriage of her prostitute mother to the Count, Aria's status in society skyrocketed immediately. After leading a life of luxury, Aria unfairly meets death because of her sister Mielle's schemes. And right before she dies, she

The Strongest God KingChapter 230
ActionMartial artsSupernaturalWebtoons

This is an era full of aura, and a world where the immortals gather. The young Wu Fu returned from a reunion,and looking at his eyes, how calm he was. What I need to do is to raise the sword and clear all the enemies of the last

The Rising Of The Shield HeroChapter 82

Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its pr

The Kingdoms of RuinChapter 26

Due to the Gear Expansion, witches who had been friends with the people become unnecessary. Humans, who were afraid of unscientific powers, begin a witch hunt And a human boy who has his beloved witch killed becomes the "Wizard of vengeance".

This Doesn't Feel Like MeChapter 51 [End]

Jin-Woo gets a new beautiful mom which is 10 years older than him.

The Reincarnated Princess Strikes Down Flags Today As WellVol.3 Chapter 20

I was reborn as a princess in the world an otome game with memories of my previous life.Wait, what? I'm the Heroine's love rival? You're kidding! I have no intention of falling in love with any of those pathetic guys, because the one I like is a supp

The Princess's Time TravelChapter 225

The Princesss Time Travel Manga : Chu Xing yue woke up with pain in her chest. She found herself being carried by an unknown man in ancient Chinese clothing. " Keep silent, Chu Bing yue!" the man was angry but still protected her well from the assass

Too CloseChapter 0.1 : special.1HOT
ComedyDramaRomanceShounen ai

Lin Tian-Yu is the president of the student council and the disciplinary committee, and Xu Ze is a high school freshman. During a regular classroom inspection, Tian-Yu finds Xu Ze sleeping during morning self-study and reprimands him. Their seemingly

The Sorcerer King of Destruction and the Golem of the Barbarian QueenChapter 12.3

A young man suddenly awakens in the middle of an open field, with only his lame pajamas as company.Apparently he was summoned as a "Sorcerer King of Destruction" to destroy the world. What the hell?!But nothing's going to happen by staying depressed,

The Ride-On KingChapter 39
ComedyMartial artsShounen

Alexander Purchinov is president for life of the country of Pursia, a country ruled by violence and the influence of its government. Alexander always desires to be dominant, and "ride" things, whether literally or figuratively. Now that he has alread

The Gateway of RevolutionChapter 40
ActionComedyMartial artsShounen

This world is both difficult and perilousThe scoundrels have overstayed their welcomeFor the restoration of justice to this landI will eradicate all evil!

Tonikaku CawaiiChapter 173HOT

"Hata's new manga is titled Tonikaku Kawaii (Generally Cute), and it will launch in the magazine's next issue on February 14. The English subtitle is "Fly Me to The Moon," and the visual shows a "mysterious girl." The magazine's tagline says the seri

To Aru Kagaku No RailgunChapter 136.5

The story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion. "Academy City." 2.3 million inhabitants. 80% of the students are active in the "Brain Development Program" and out of those only 7 are Lev

The Wrong Way To Use Healing MagicChapter 44

The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic summary is updating

The Dungeon MasterChapter 110
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

"Oh Ju-Yoon" is your typical everyday part-timer. He almost dies to coincidental accident, but because of his kindness, he is given another chance to live in a new different world. However, his future is neither a hero, a mage... but a creature at th

The Lady and the BeastChapter 66

100 years after her death, Empress Martina, the founder of the Carabella Empire, reincarnates as Astina Lette, the daughter of a count. Her peaceful, everyday life as a noble lady, a stark contrast to her past life, is short-lived, however.With the b

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love YouChapter 180

Aijou experienced 100 heartbreaks during Junior High. While praying in a shrine, the God of Love appears, saying that Aijou will meet 100 fated girls. If their relationship with him fails, all the girls will face an accident and die. Now it's a matte

The World Is Full of Monsters Now, Therefor I Want to Live As I WishChapter 20

On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. The monster has been subjugated, gaining experience points. Eh? Before anyone knew, the world

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker HenChapter 404

The Summary is updating... The Kaiji series is divided into five parts:1. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji2. Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji3. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji4. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen5. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen

The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King's LapChapter 19.2

All Ruri Midorikawa wanted out of college life was an escape from the shadow of her best "frenemy," Asahi Shinomiya. Despite her best intentions, Asahi has always made Ruri's life miserable so it's no surprise things go sideways when the two of them

Tsurezure ChildrenChapter 212.1: Omake

From MangaHelpers: Wakabayashi Toshiya shows us a series of 4-koma manga depicting various scenarios of young love. These short stories range from a boy, crippled by his absolute lack of confidence in himself, cannot even accept the fact that the gir

The Duchess' 50 Tea RecipesChapter 128HOT

When I opened my eyes I had become the duchess. But something isn't right. I went as far as becoming a character but I'm just a duchess in name that gets mistreated by the maids and ignored by her husband. What a crappy life! Gosh, I don't know what

The Fiancees Live TogetherChapter 130

His fiancee lost her parents so she will be living with the Hyeons, but Sang-Won is a middle school student and the fiance is a 24 year old adult!? Sang-Won tries to deny that his fiance is 9 years older than him, but seeing that she does not act her

The Great ConquerorChapter 34
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

The Great Conqueror summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of The Great Conqueror. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Takane To HanaChapter 69

Hana is a high schooler who ends up replacing her big sister at a marriage interview. Little does she expect that the potential husband, a handsome 26-year-old businessman named Takane, immediately insults her and calls her a gold digger! Furious, Ha

Tensei Kenja No Isekai Raifu ~Daini No Shokugyo Wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou Ni Narimashita~Chapter 28

Sano Yuji, a black company employee, is summoned to another world while finishing his work at home. His profession in the other world, a Monster Tamer, is considered a job that makes it difficult to become an adventurer. However, thanks to some slime

The Doctor's SupremacyChapter 30: Evil is Here Regardless of Age

In a world where strength decides everything, people can awaken special powers by killing others. The protagonist, Bai Yi, became a "doctor" to heal the wounded and put a stop to evil... only to find out that there is no such thing as absolute justic

The Breaker: New WavesChapter 201.5 : Author's Note
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

After his master Goomonryong destroys his ki-center, Shioon leaves the world of the Murim for a normal life to which he believes his master was trying to return him. But for a boy who holds the Phoenix medallion of the Sunwoo clan and the knowledge o

Tono no Kanri o Shite MiyouChapter 43

Kosuke was killed by Truck-kun, and was given the ability to live in a new world. Additionally, he was provided two lovely assistants who would do anything for him. This is a story of his adventures with them.

To You, The ImmortalVol.14 Chapter 132.1: Deal Of Love (1)

An immortal being was sent to the surface of the earth and met a boy living alone in the middle of tundra.The being can take the shape of dying things, but only if the "impetus" is stronger than the previous one. What sort of experiences and meetings

The Population Of The Frontier Owner Starts With 0. Chapter 30

Dias fulfilled his parents' will to help others, and kept fighting on the battlefield to that end. Now known as the "Savior Hero" from his long wartime career, he was rewarded with a vast territory from the king. After having met the horned Kijin gir

Totally CaptivatedChapter side

"I'm pretty sure that the downfall of humans can be completely attributed to their curiosity", such is Ewon Jung's philosophy. Because of his curiosity and his "affectionate nature", Ewon somehow finds himself, after cheating one time too many on Jih

Tokyo Manji RevengersChapter 234HOT

Takemichi is a 26-year-old unemployed virgin who learns that the girl he dated in middle schoolthe only girl he ever datedhas died. Then, after an accident he finds himself in a time leap back to his middle school years. He vows to change the future

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 YearsChapter 105

The worst student of Westrod Academy, the disgrace of the Blake House.A new soul enters the lifeless body of Frey Blake, the boy who couldn't handle his painful life and chose death instead."What's with this body?I'll have to check every little detai

Tenohira Kaitaku Mura De Isekai Kenkokuki: Fueteku Yome-Tachi To Nonbiri Mujintou LifeChapter 26

Kai who was reincarnated into different world, thrown away by the corrupt church into an isolated Island full of dangerous demons. The key to survive on the island is the Kai's Cheat ability to summon a different world's item that Kai only used in. W

The LiveChapter 83


The Chief Kishi MiekoChapter 24: [Task24] The Information Seller Is A Girl With Glasses!?

The adventures of Kishi Mieko, a woman office worker, trying to succeed in a competitive, unforgiving and lewd work place in Japan. She will use all her 'assets' to succeed in her projects!

The Hero And The Demon King's RomcomChapter 58: Yuusha And Mao

The one holding the title demon king is actually a super cute big breasted girl who has only one thing to say to the funny hero: "Damn... I'll kill ya!" No, wait that's not- Err, I mean the Romcom involving a lot of blushing, humiliation and flirting

The Master of Martial Arts Retired LifeChapter 114
ActionAdultComedyMartial arts

Starting today, I retire. But what should I do...... I don't have any talents, and I don't have the brains for business. My only talent is to defeat enemies all over the world. What a pain......