Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yoChapter 35.5 : Extra

In a world where people have supernatural creatures as pets, a certain family has a pet demon-lord Satan. The main carer of Satan is the son, Yuuhei. From initially coaxing the new Satan out of his pet-carrier, to walking him, playing with his ball,

Unnie's TasteChapter 20.3 : Extra 2

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Uchi no Tsukaima ga SumimasenChapter 15

In this world, Makai, every Demon gets a Familiar summoned using their magic. Patty, a Demon Girl who's magic is so weak she can't even summon an animal is forced to get a famliar. So, reluctantly, she chooses an older human named Norman as her famil

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project Chapter 35.5

A comedy 4-koma manga that reimagines the monstrous kaiju from Ultraman as adorable high school girls!

Umi to Anata to Taiyou toChapter 4 : End

Nozomi is a normal girl working in Akihabara in Tokyo. A female foreigner, Kiara, from a southern island comes into the cafe she works at after a long day of shopping. The two decide to go to a bar together, and after Kiara gets drunk they go back to

Umi no Yami, Tsuki no KageVol.7 Chapter 42

Two twin sisters contracted a mysterious bacteria from a trip and suddenly gained enormous power. One psycho sister began trying to kill the other because they both loved the same man, while the other sister and her boyfriend began to flee as everyon

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 7: Requiem of the Golden WitchChapter 48 : Beyond Hope

On October 1986, the members of the wealthy Ushiromiya family and a number of their servants mysteriously died. When rumours began to circulate regarding who was responsible, it was said that the Golden Witch Beatrice magically caused the tragic even

Ultimate VenusVol.8 Chapter 39

From Serenus Dreamers:Losing her mother, Yuzu gets kicked out of her apartment. However, her grandmother's secretary Hassaku suddenly appears in front of her. What will happen to Yuzu who got forcefully taken to her super rich grandmother's castle fi

Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta!Vol.1 Chapter 16: Dynamic Dilation

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Uchi wa Futago de Teippai!Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Kamakare

By Eggy Scanlations:As the eldest son for the Kadokura family, Kouhei's biggest worries are his younger twin brothers, Aoya and Shion. Despite always being foiled in love by his younger brothers, the virgin Kouhei has finally landed himself a matchma

U19Chapter 17 : Never Give Up, Fight On, And Stay Victorious! - End

Year 2036, Japan is under the adult party power and make children's life miserable. But for "rebelious-edgy-teenager-with-funny-scar" Kudo Eiji, It doesn't matter because he has his childhood friend Akari to cheer his everyday life. For Eiji, Akari i

Uchi wa Wakarete KurashiteiruChapter 5: Happy Memories

I met my divorced wife again after several years.Like Takefumi always says to himself, "She's a stranger now." Even though his ex-wife, Chitose, has become more attractive than ever. One day when he accidentally goes out for a drink with her, and thi

Under NinjaChapter 9: Invisible

Even in this day and age, Ninjas walk among us, hide within plain sight, still waiting for their mission orders. However, for some, it takes much longer to receive orders than others! Meet Kumogakure Kur, a NEET and a Ninja. After being a long time w

UltimoChapter 51.5

High above Farmless City, citizens are stunned by the sudden appearance of two floating figures. Are they human boys, monolithic robots, or something much more strange? As the battle ensues between them, destruction and devastation falls on the haple

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 6: Dawn of the Golden WitchVol.6 Chapter 26 : Hidden Tea Party

On the secluded island of Rokkenjima, Battler Ushiromiya and his family were trapped and murdered under unusual circumstances attributed to Beatrice, the Golden Witch.After continually challenging the existence of magic and powerful witches, Battler

Unicorn to sabishi-gari ya shoujoChapter 11: For Eternity

Perverted Unicorn likes an ultra-pure(virgin) lonely girl

Uso KanoVol.3 Chapter 12

The boy of my dreams, Iriya-kun, wants a girl to act as his fake lover?! Oh god! This is a great opportunity~ I shall definitely take it! But....

UntouchableChapter 0.5 : extra.5
Shounen aiWebtoon

.A bad boy on the surface, a good kid on the inside; A bully on the surface, but a mischievous little devil on the inside. Two teenagers with different lives and different personalities develop a wonderful friendship by sheer chance. How will they ma

Uchuu o Kakeru YodakaChapter 15

Paper Dolls Project First year student Kohinata Ayumi is asked out by her crush, Shiro! While waiting for her first date with Shiro she receives a mysterious call from one of her classmates, Umine Senko. She then witnesses Umine fall off a building?!

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 1: Legend Of The Golden WitchVol.4 Chapter 23: Tea Time

Based on the visual novel of the same name. In 1986, between October 4th and 5th, members of the Ushiromiya family gather on the secluded island of Rokkenjima to discuss the division of the family's massive fortune upon the impending death of the fam

Urasekai PicnicChapter 43

The story is set in the modern world, but there exist doors that can take people to the "other side," where strange urban legends and internet stories prove to be true. College student Sorawo Kamikoshi finds herself exploring one of these doors, and

Unrequited Love (Jinseok Jeong)Chapter 83

In a love game of three, at least one person is bound to end up getting hurt but who?

Unmei no Kisu wa OazukeVol.1 Chapter 5: Last Kiss

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Usagi No MoriVol.3 chapter 1

Shunta and Tamaki are childhood friends with a year of difference, but Shunta feels something different towards his friend, an impure, not correct, dirty feeling.As this feeling grows stronger, will the relationship between the two friends also chang

Umareru Kachi no Nakatta Jibun ga Anna no Tame ni Dekiru Ikutsuka no KotoVol.3 Chapter 21

At age 33, I am a loser, jobless and virgin, who only has remorse and pity for myself. Called by Anna, my secret crush in my childhood, and her fiance, I come to face the reality. But after I fall from the roof (caught wearing a grade school girl's s

Usotsuki BoyfriendChapter 13

This is the story of Sakaki Yuuto, a 17-year-old highschooler who ends up with an unusual job: breaking up relationships by making girls fall in love with him. Unfortunately, in spite of his good looks, he is useless when it comes to women. While his

Ultra RedVol.4 Chapter 34
ActionMartial artsShounen

How strong are you? In this manga, the hero is an idiotic little boy who has a frightening style of fighting. But he isn't the only fighting monster. Sumeragi Sen will discover people that are stronger than him, and maybe even the limits of his stren

Under the Sunlight with Bentou BoyVol.1 Chapter 6 : V.1 C.6-6.5 (End)

Nonomura Heita, a high-schooler, takes care of the last boarder left at his grandfather's house after his grandmother passed away. The boarder is a translator named Miharu, who insists that Heita make a bentou for him every day. Should such a wifely

Ultra AlterChapter 10

"Awaken a New Self". Lee Oh Reum is a high schooler who plays as a "Healer Shuttle" character in the kinesthetic VR MMORPG game .One day, his sub character "Avenger" that he was secretly raising becomes the best.Will Lee Oh Reum be able to overcome a

Uchuu no Hate no Mannaka noChapter 8

Mirai who has entered in highschool is always alole. Such like a dream, her classmate Twinkle Shinba Rin has invited her to the astronomical departament!! In the club room there is a group of four handsome classmates The world of dreams will change

Umi no KishidanVol.10 Chapter 34 : Astarte 3

From Aerandria Scans:It's the 16th century and the knights of the Mediterranean country Malta take pride in being the strongest in the world. Aciel is a beautiful lady-knight who gradually makes her way into the group of the knights, despite the fact

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 5: End of the Golden WitchVol.5 Chapter 27 : Hidden Tea Party Part 2

On the secluded island of Rokkenjima, owned by the rich and powerful Ushiromiya family, mysterious murders begin to occur as outlined on the epitaph of the Golden Witch Beatrice, whose existence has been continually denied by Battler Ushiromiya.When

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 2: Turn of the Golden WitchChapter 27 : End

In Fall 1986, Battler Ushiromiya and eleven of his family members are reunited on Rokkenjima for the purpose of discussing how the head of the family's fortune will be divided upon his impending death. When a typhoon hits the island, everyone is trap

Usagi-moku Shachiku-kaChapter 70.5


Unbalance School LifeVol.2 Chapter 15 : Boy <=> Girl [End]

A former boys' school recently integrated into a co-ed high school. Shinya Sanada spent the beginning on his high school life in a hospital, so he arrives to what he thought was the boys-only dormitory a month late. What's waiting for him is his form

Urusai Kurai no Kokuhaku KudasaiChapter 3.5
ComedyDramaRomanceShounen ai

Hayashida, who has a super power with the ability to hear the voice of others' hearts, dreams of meeting his "person of destiny" who he can not hear their hearts voice. One day, he notices the fact that no voice can be heard from the captain of the s

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 4: Alliance Of The Golden WitchVol.6 Chapter 29 : ??? Tea Party

In 1998, Battler Ushiromiya's younger sister Ange has lived a miserable life being raised by her Aunt Eva, the only survivor of the murders on Rokkenjima. Bullied and unhappy, Ange finds solace in the diary of her cousin Maria and the world of magic

Urban Super SecurityChapter 44
ActionMartial artsMature

Xue Wusuan, chosen by the Yama system as the new Yama, travelled across thousands of dimensions and became the strongest Yama!

Unspeakable SecretsChapter 55

.On the verge of being beaten to death, Zhen Su had little hope till a sultry stranger named Yirong Wen saves him. Little did he expect the stranger to actually be his boss, Jin Ling?! Well, his boss's boss. Now seeing each other after work, Zhen mus

Urami-san wa Kyou mo Ayaui

Haruto Satou who is a 15 year old with a good personality, as well as good at sports. He had an important childhood friend that could not be forgotten - one who was bright and active, Masuna Urami. Even though they meet again in High School, she had

Umetani-kun no Haru

Having met during the cherry blossom season, the shy Sakura's reactions which are always fresh and funny captured Umeya's interest. Because of that, he ends up always teasing him. One day, in a drunken moment, Umeya forced a kiss on Sakura. If all he

Uchi no Yome wa Jibun no Koto shika Kangaenai!!Chapter 14: Praise

"My reason for liking you? It's because of money."A bride who is only thinking about herself...But, I really like someone like you.....that, kind of manga.

Uchiage Hanabi, Shita Kara Miru Ka? Yoko Kara Miru Ka?Vol.2 Chapter 10

The story is set on one day during summer vacation. It follows a group of boys who try to view a fireworks display from the town lighthouse to see if they look round or flat when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, one of the boys, Norimichi, receives a

Ushiro - The Somber God of DeathChapter 11

"In exchange for your life, I'll grant you one wish.""Ushiro: the Somber God of Death" is what you get when Japanese horror meets Beetlejuice! Based on a cancelled Level Five game and a series of now popular horror novels written by Gotou Ryu, the ma

Under Your Wings/In or OutChapter 85
ActionRomanceShounen ai

.Welcome to Zeal Academy, a school for the Winged Clan, who are inter-dimensional super-beings! Upon turning 3, they sprout wings and become adults who can control the elements. Pretty cool, but not for Willis. For one, he's bullied for being half-hu

UnderdogVol.2 Chapter 17 : Epilogue - Underdog [End]

From XscansXWhat is the purpose of your life? To live just to die? Is life a slow death? Do you even have your own purpose? Nao is a college student with such thinking...yet, reality is cruel to him. Ever since he was a child, he was categorized as a

Until The Two KissChapter 6: Until The Two Kiss ⑥

A twitter comic spinoff by the author of Kuzumi-kun, Can't You Read the Room ? Revolving around the side characters of the previous series, Haruna, a scary looking man with a big heart and Ichikawa, an ice queen, and their relationship. Will the two

Ultra CuteVol.8 Chapter 3

From Tokyopop:For all 15 years of their lives, Ami and Noa have competed against each other for love with the same results: both fall for the same guy, inevitably scaring him away and leaving them boyfriend-less. But the vicious cycle is broken when