Unmei no HanaVol.2 Chapter 10

From Fantasyshrine:"Wanna sleep with me and see?" said the beautiful young man, Shunen, to the not-so-ordinary salary man Yuuki! "DON'T SUCCUMB TO LUST!" preached the serious Yuuki. Yet, under Shunen's skillful seduction, Yuuki was unable to resist!

Usotsuki Na Kimi No TorikoVol.2 Chapter 8

When his sempai breaks a leg, Serizawa agrees to sub for him at the design firm. He doesn't expect to see Ikuta, a face from his past. Though Ikuta seems as gentle and kind as ever, he doesn't remember Serizawa. But outside of work Ikuta's personalit

Umineko sou daysChapter 16 - Day 16 [End]

Mayumi lost her fiancee to the only person she called a friend. Throwing everything away, running from it all, and starting a new life in the countryside was her plan, but what awaits her is a blonde yankee, Rin (the manager of the housing complex Se

Uchi no Darling Gaikokujin

From Blissful Sin:"Please marry me, Asakusa." Though, I thought I was asking where Asakusa was. Alex, a traveler from England, wanted to get to his destination, Asakusa, but he got lost in a quiet residential area. He unleashed the only Japanese word

Urisen Boy to Koisuru OnzoushiChapter 7

.A blissfully ignorant rich kid falls in love with a popular male escort. It was the first time he ever found someone pretty.Kichiro Wakamiya's parents run their own company. He works part-time to save money for his grandma's birthday present. While

Umbrella Girl DreamsChapter 60

All things created in this world have their own purpose. For some, their true purpose can only be served in death. A person's treasured possession can have a soul and take the form of a human, but what if they were to be abandoned? A masterless Objec

Uchi No Kami-Sama Ni Wa Gakkari Da!Chapter 7

Higurashi Yuuto gets picked up on the street but it turns out that the good-looking man is Oohataya Masakazu, a schoolmate from his junior school and a shinto priest at the Azuma Shrine. How is Yuuto going to react since he's Masakazu's first and sec

Utopia (NEUK Dae Sam)

The story of two extra-ordinary people in ordinary love.Original webcomic

Usotsuki Ouji no Karekano GokkoVol.1 Chapter 6

From Chibi Manga:A poor commoner chatterbox accidentally entered the celebrity high school and the unthinkable happened?

Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto ni waVol.3 Chapter 9: Three Trees I

Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto ni wa summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto ni wa. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate tea

Usagi to Ookami no Shinshikyoutei

1-5.Togawa Ryouji is the new sales employee of a Toy Company. He and Kairou Reiji came into the company at the same time. They are just like water and oil and can never get along with each other. The management wanted them to cooperate to do sales ou

Uroshima MonogatariVol.1 Chapter 4

A man suddenly gets off the train at some rural station, and soon comes to realize that this town can't be found on any map. Even stranger are the manners of Urushima's townspeople - because over there people are doing it openly on the street, in bro

Uta no Prince-sama

A tie-in manga for the otome dating game simulation by the same title:Nanami Haruka wants to be a song writer, so she attends an idol training school filled with beautiful bishounen. The school pairs each aspiring songwriter with an aspiring idol, bu

Umehara - Fighting Gamers!

The story about the living legend of Fighting Games, Daigo Umehara is now in comic form!The year is 1996. Shinya Oonuki is another gifted gamer living in the same era as Umehara. This man encounters the glamor of fighting games which leads him toward

Until The Day of FloweringChapter 16

.[Presented to you by: Happy Croissant Scans x Suni Scans]The country of the Sun and Light, Vestar Empire and the country of Fire and Purity, Younghwa Empire, have decided to end a long war between the countries by forming a pact of peace. Following

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors

If a telepath, a clairvoyant, a vice detective, a ninja with super reflexes, a spirit medium, an oil magnate, an extremely lucky boy, and an extremely strong man were to fight it out in a rock-paper-scissors tournament, who would you bet your money o

Uchi no Tenshi ga Kemono Deshita.Chapter 5.5 : End

From LuffyNoTomo:Satou, Mitsuru is an otaku who designs female game characters. His latest female design just so happens to look like the live-in male house keeper named Ninomae, Nagisa. In order to see his character in the flesh, Mitsuru decides to

Unknown (TARATSUMI John)Chapter 7

From Bunny's Scanlations and Must Be Endless:One day, up-and-coming young photographer Franz Schumann makes a fateful encounter. A beautiful young man with jet-black hair, eyes that show traces of a fresh grief, white skin like porcelain that, though

Ultimate Path Martial ArtsChapter 15
ComedyMartial arts

Yue Bing is brought back to 2008, time to learn martial arts from an ancient master, open a martial arts dojo, and get disciples! Brazilian jiu jitsu, Russian Sambo, American boxing, Japanese judo, anyone who wants to spar is free to come and issue a

Umi ni Nemuru HanaVol.3 Chapter 10
Shounen aiYaoi

The young pirate head Sakaki met the autistic but beautiful samurai Murou...Why did Murou have the other half of the treasure island map left by Sakaki's grandfather? Why did Murou keep to himself? Could Sakaki open Murou's closed heart? And how shou

Upotte!! NanoChapter 27V1

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Uso to Coffee to Amai KissVol.1 Chapter 6
RomanceShounen aiYaoi

From Fantasyshrine:Chapters 1-3:~ A Lie & Coffee & Sweet Kiss (Pgs. 7-37)~ A Key & Confession: Part 1 (Pgs. 39-67)~ A Key & Confession: Part 2 (Pgs. 70-99)When Kano, a cafe owner, was attacked by some hoodlums dispatched by a land shark; a secretive,

Uchuu de Ichiban Kimi ga SukiChapter 6

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Ubawareru Koto Marugoto ZenbuVol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Extra: Weak Sadist

Yoshinaga is madly in love with Takao. However, Takao is in love with big tits. Facing such a frivolous lover, Yoshinaga needs to use all ways to tame Takao. But will Takao really listen and give up big tits? (- Attractive Fascinante)Contains a two-p

Uruwashi No Yoi No TsukiChapter 12

Because of her appearance and her behavior, Yoi has been continuously treated as a prince, despite being a girl. One day, when she already accepted being put into the role as a prince in high school, she somehow got entangled with one of her senpais

Ushirokara DakishimeteVol.1 Chapter 6

Compilation of 3 short stories revolving around a pair of student.

Ubume no NatsuChapter 10

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Umbrella SwordChapter 15 : Fanart

The fourth entry from the infamous God series of web manga.

Uso Mitai na Hanashi Desu gaChapter 7

From YaoiOtaku:A story about an excellent and manly salaryman, whose beauty is extraordinary ? the senpai Kitagawa-san and his, although dumb, but very handsome kohai, Nakamura-kun. In the middle of night with a bottle of sake, a very girlish confess

Usami-san wa Kamawaretai!Chapter 30

Usami Nagisa is a yankee who suffers from a rare disease which causes her health to decline if she feels lonely. Sewa Natsuhito, the boy who sits next to her in class realizes this and keeps her company, but the only way Usami believes she can cure h

Ultra Battle SatelliteVol.1 Chapter 9 : Momochi Style
ActionComedyMartial artsShounen

Welcome to the world of street fighting!!Sakura Momochi, a mysterious black-haired girl appears before teenage fighter, Jin Matsuriya."You'll get one soon an invitation to real deadly fights with no rules... a tournament where blood is washed away wi

UNFORGIVABLE! Unpardonably Vicious!Chapter 6

The legendary killer Wu Qi missed his hand and was killed by others. What is even more bizarre is that he doesn't even know who killed him. At this time, what appears in front of him is the existence of the killing system, and the killing system prom

UsokonChapter 28.5

An ordinary girl, Yae, loses her home and job at age 29 and has nowhere to turn. But when she runs into a childhood friend, Takumi, he "proposes" she live with him in a high-rise condominium in the city, acting as his fake spouse A tale of deceit i

Uchuu Eiyuu MonogatariVol.2 Chapter 13

Future-Retro Hero Story is set in the same universe as Outlaw Star--in fact, it is the origins of the Towards Stars setting. A pulp science-fiction series with plenty of humor, action, and adventure to go around, it's the story of Juji Godoh and the

University Life I Dreamed of… It’s Not Like This!Chapter 15

Kiki, an ordinary girl who doesn't like being social. She had to face a big change just a few days after starting her university life. Will she be able to pass through this obstacle this time or will she run away first?!

Under the Rose (Funato Akari)Chapter 6.5: Miss Margaret

Under the Rose contains two stories:Winter's Tale (Fuyu no Monogatari):In the late 19th century England, Grace King was the daughter of a declined Marquis and also the mistress of Count Arthur Roland. After her mysterious death, her sons Linus and La

UtawarerumonoChapter 9

After succumbing to serious injuries, the main character faints in the forest, only to be found and helped later on by a young woman named Eruruu (Whose species has animal-like ears and tails). He has no memories of who he is, and furthermore he has

UshiharuChapter 8: Brush Fun

The cow Ushiharu was brought to the middle schooler Kiyoharu's farm. To the people around him, she appears as just a normal cow, but just to him, she appears as a sexy cow-girl...!?

Utakata no UrokoVol.1 Chapter 6

Singer-songwriter, Tetsuta, became unable to sing because of throat surgery, a step before his major debut. After turning down his friend who asked him to compose a song, he goes to the sea and meets Nagi, a young man who runs a restaurant with his f

Udon no OnnaVol.1 Chapter 8

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Upotte Sisters!!Chapter 14

Web manga spinoff of Upotte!!

Umi no TeppenVol.4 Chapter 16

From JShoujo Scans"A mermaid will fall in love with the first human she sees."Shiina is your average grade 8 girl----that is, except for her height, which makes her tower over the other people in her class. She's never met anyone SHE had to look up t

Usotsuki na GeminiVol.3 Chapter 12.2

From Shoujo Crusade:Aoi and Rin are twins who are very close to each other. Aoi is a tomboy who is also a big kendo nut while Rin is a budding designer. Aoi, after losing a fight against a former acquaintance, Izumi, decides to hunt him down for a re

Udon no Kuni no Kin'iro KemariChapter 16

Following his estranged father's death, 30-year-old Tawara Souta returns to his home town in the Udon Prefecture, Kagawa, to deal with dispensing of property, which includes putting the family restaurant up for sale. There, he stumbles across a tanuk

UFO Robo Grendizer (OUTA Gosaku)Chapter 12

UFO Robot Grendizer is the third entry in the Mazinger Trilogy by Go Nagai, following Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. This particular incarnation was illustrated by Gosaku Ota and published in Boken Oh, Otomodachi from October 1975 March 1977. It fol

Uchi no Otouto-domo ga sumimasenChapter 13

Ito's mother remarried and begins her new life as an older sister of 4 siblings!The start of a family-love-comedy with four step-brothers

Uwasa no FutariVol.2 Chapter 11

[From Memory For You] :First volume :1) The Rumored Couple (Uwasa no Futari) (3 chapters) : Aoyama and Akabane, the president and vice president of the student council, are such a good match (in the slashy way) that there're rumors around that they'r

Under the Paws of CatsChapter 30

Follow the daily hilarious shenanigans of the adorable cats: Huang, Hua, Blanche and Klein