Yakuza Reincarnation

An old school yakuza, Nagamasa Ryumatsu, ended up losing his life due to certain circumstances. But, when he awakened to a strange sort of scenery he had never seen before, he found that he had somehow changed into a beautiful girl!?

Yakuza wo Shibatte Ii desu ka

The rope artist Rui, in a sudden turn of events, started living with Natori, a yakuza of special circumstances. At first, Rui hesitated about living with a straight guy, but Natori was totally his type. Rui's reasoning and sexual desire are shaken w

Yama Fu-Tang

From Manga-Updates:An adaption of Futarou Yamada's novel "Kunoichi Kokihei", this story begins the year before the Battle of Sekihagara, in the pleasure quarters of the capital.Kagerou, a real beauty who is a child of the Ootani family, meets five o

Yama No Susume

Aoi prefers indoor hobbies and is afraid of heights, but her childhood friend Hinata loves to show off her passion for mountain climbing. As young children they once watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain, and now they've decided to take up

Yama of The Hell

By coincidence, Ye Fan became the Yama of the hell and gained a mysterious and scalable underground system. And when everything is going well, he suddenly found that it seems that the underground system is still hiding a secret...

Yama to Shokuyoku to Watashi

Hibino Ayumi: 27 years old, single, a completely average office lady. But in her free time, she turns into a SOLO CLIMBER GIRL. Armed with plenty of delicious ingredients, she eats her way through the mountain trails, one by one.

Yamada Ikka Monogatari Gorgeous

From The Little Corner:Revisit each of the Yamada family members as they have all grown up and well!Yamada Tarou Monogatari (Main Story)

Yamada Tarou Monogatari

From Kagami:With their father going away for an extended time without any warnings whatsoever, the Yamadas have to get by on their own, and Tarou, the eldest son, carries the biggest burden of all: supporting their large family.Of course, Tarou's mo

Yamada to Kase-san

Sequel series to:http://mangapark.me/search?q=asagao-to-kase-san

Yamada to Sensei

Yamada, a kind-hearted and well endowed high school girl, comes across Takahashi, a high school teacher, who was taking a nap near the forest as he's got a lot on his mind. Lost in their own little world, Yamada helps unravel Takahashi's troubles wi

Yamada to Shounen

On his way back from work on Christmas night, Yamada(26) discovers a drunk and crying high school boy and takes him home. That boy was mulling over being in love with someone of the same sex.A straight adult and a gay high-schooler.It is a piece tha

Yamada-Kun To 7-Nin No Majo

Read Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo MangaRyu Yamada is called a delinquent in his HS; he has not been interest of courses of attending college after one-year. One day, he accidentally falls onto Urara Shiraishi, the ace pupil of the school from a flight

Yamada's Life as a Lazy Youtuber

Spin-off 4-koma comic of the tap-action bishoujo game Project Tokyo Dolls.

Yamaguchi-kun wa warukunai

Youth with a fierce-looking yankee guy, begins.Satsuki wishes to journey through her youth like a normal high school student. She thought she isn't supposed to get involved with the rumoured "son of a yakuza," Yamaguchi-kun but she becomes drawn to

Yamako and Wolf

A girl takes a shortcut through the woods one day, and gets caught by a wolf, and almost eaten. But by freak coincidence, they find out they have the same taste in obscure manga. They become friends. Little Red Riding hood slice-of-life shenanigans

Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu

Hotate is a 10 year old girl who was living at her grandmother's house since her mother died. One day her grandmother tells Hotate that she can't care for her anymore because of her age and that she's going to have to live at her uncle's house. Afte


From SCX-Scans:Though it was a bit strange, three people ended up meeting. One, who looks younger than her age and able to see the supernatural. Another who is possessed by a "Yamanko" which refers to "Yama no ko", or a mountain child. She was posse

Yamase wa doko e Itta?

"The boy that Kidou Aina accidentally helped- Yamase confessed to her out of the blue. Quickly putting her foot down, the shock had caused Yamase to be admitted!? When Aina went to visit him, a shocking scene unveiled in front of her"

Yamato Gensouki

Shion is a young man working for the Onmyou Organization under false pretenses. He is attempting to avenge the destruction of his nation and the deaths of his family members, and targets the Empress in an attempt to destroy her homeland. However, th

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

From Del Rey: It's a gorgeous, spacious mansion, and four handsome, fifteen-year-old friends are allowed to live in it for free! There's only one condition - that within three years the guys must transform the owner's wallflower niece into a lady be

Yamato no Hane

From Bado-Scans:Daichi Yonekawa thinks that badminton is a girl's sport and is forced to practice with his twin sister, Yuki. Daichi finds himself playing Taka Tsubahara, the Japanese Junior Champion, because he is too bored "practicing" with his si

Yamemasu Tsugi No Shokuba Ha Mao Jo

After saving the world, the strongest hero who has no place to go anywhere Leo. Power that is too strong can not enter the peaceful world Such a place of employment where he arrived the former enemy, the Magus army! The 2nd Kakuyomukon.

Yamete Kudasai, Koishii Desu.

Yamete Kudasai, Koishii Desu. summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Yamete Kudasai, Koishii Desu.. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope

Yamete Kudasai, Mabushii Desu.

Yamete Kudasai, Mabushii Desu. summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Yamete Kudasai, Mabushii Desu.. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Ho

Yami no Aegis

Tate Karito is the famed freelance bodyguard, the 'Shield of Aegis'.

Yami no Alexandra

From Stage Storm:Venice, 17th century. Safinia lives a simple and happy life with her father, a renowned artisan and his apprentice Angelo. Everything changes when a man named Ricardo Carr comes looking for her saying the rich Poliziano family wants

Yami No Koe

A compilation of Junji Ito's works. Story 1 - Blood-slurping Darkness A girl, after being dumped by her boyfriend, decides to loose weight to get her boyfriend back. In the end she becomes anorexic, and meets a boy who supposedly will not eat either

Yami No Matsuei

Even after death, life is full of paperwork and criminals. Tsuzuki Asato is a 26 year old, happy-go-lucky, and dorky shinigami (god of death) whose job is to makes sure that those who are dead remain dead and stay in their proper realms. Even though

Yami no Moribito

Manga adaptation of the novel "Yami no Moribito", which is the second novel in the Moribito series after "Seirei no Moribito". All the Moribito novels have standalone plots.After the events of Seirei no Moribito, Balsa returns to her birthplace in K

Yami no Naka no Crown

Everyone in the world is born with two things: the ability to collect Life's Light and a Light Vessel in which to collect and hold it. Most people use their vessels to assist them in doing various tasks, but occasionally someone is born with a vesse

Yami no Purple Eye

From Aerandria Scans:Rinko is an ordinary girl who was born with a mysterious birthmark on her left arm. But when that mark starts to get darker, strange accidents begin to happen everywhere around her, involving even the people she cares about. Wha

Yamiiro no Aijin

From Yaoi Otaku Translation:Rei runs away from his uncle's home and, during the night, he meets a mysterious man that promises him they will meet again the next time there will be a full moon. However, the kid is taken by the police and sent to an o


The shogunate installed by the Tokugawa is abiding order, the people live in peace and in a relative prosperity.However, the dark part of the human heart does not cease to arouse their cupidity : it is the ideal doorway for all demons that, by posse

Yamikin Ushijima-Kun

In this manga, you will see how the black-market works, and how dangerous people could get if they borrow from loan sharks or black market traders.


A story abut being loved by dangerous stalker girls...

Yamome no Tamago

After being abandoned by his lover, Motomi vows to become an artist. One day, he is brought home by Nueno Koji, the artist he admires. That night while resting in Koji's room, Motomi accidentally saw what was going on in his neighbor's house through