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Your Kiss Scene!Chapter 20

Your Kiss Scene! manhwa, !Entertainment writer Lee Seul, heard the news of her favorite idol, Block Shoot's Seung-Chan, on her new entertainment program.Expectations of meeting her favorite for more than 10 years are brief, and she accidentally sees

I’m living with my Mother-in-law!Chapter 47

It's well-known that living with one's mother-in-law is basically he**. So marrying a poor merchant with no family should be an easy way to avoid that mess, right? Well, that was Elaen's plan until she realizes that her husband, Ahen, lied to her, an

Sister, I Am the Queen in This LifeChapter 75

Sister I Am the Queen in This Life manhwa,Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns 14 years in the past, the day she was cast aside by everyone. "Shit! I am trying to court you right now!" From her fiance, who acted much different tha

Even the villain is annoyingChapter 94

Read manhwa Even the villain is annoying / Why It Should Get Picked Up: Its Manhwa is scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of 2022.Description (mtl-ed):Versace family! A place that produced many swordsmen and possessed a powerful force.Suc

When I Stopped Being Your ShadowChapter 23

Read manhwa When I Stopped Being Your Shadow / He was the hand of G**, the painter of the century. My husband became the best artist in the empire. And I was his shadow. Even when my work went viral under my husband's name, even when people spoke

Holding You CaptiveChapter 9

Read manhwa Holding You Captive / Make It Impossible For You to Escape / Freedom is all our heroine wants, but that isn't what she finds when she is summoned across worlds into the body of Lady Beatrice and is newly named "Regria." As a "divine be

A World-Class WalkthroughChapter 65

The main character, Kim Kyung-Sam, is an orphan preparing for the civil service exam while working part-time at a convenience store.While immersed in the game God Forsaken World' and playing the scenario of Gilosan Ello D' Baltic', the fallen Third P

The Red SleeveChapter 102

The Red Sleeve manhwa, The Red Sleeve Cuff There was a king who was said to be scarier than a goblin.And there was a court lady who wanted to live a long life.Strangely, the two found each other to be unpleasant.And so they drew closer. Yet, they di

Legend Of The Northern BladeChapter 171
ActionMartial artsShounenWebtoons

When the world was plunged into darkness martial artists gathered to form the Northern Heavenly Sect'. With the help of the Northern Heavenly Sect people began to enjoy peace again. However, as time passed the martial artists began to conspire agains

Life of a Magic Academy MageChapter 70

[From the author and studio of !]Life as a magic academy mage. Graduate student Lee Han was born as the youngest son in another world's famous family of mages. He swore he would never go to another place with the word "academy" in it. However, the ma

Leveling With The GodsChapter 98

He became stronger, faster than anyone else but he lost. In the end, there was only despair for Kim YuWon.In his last moments, he was given another chance Through the sacrifice of his comrade, his fate had not been sealed yet.Returning back to the pa

Infinite MageChapter 59

This is the tale of a boy dreaming about infinity as a human!Found abandoned in a stable, Shirone is the son of a hunterand a peasant through and through.Despite hardships, he's a genius that manages to learn to read by himself and becomes obsessed w

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return ( Chronicles of a Returner)Chapter 80

Chronicles Of The Martial God's Return manhwa, Chronicles of a ReturnerThe sixth masterpiece of the Wuxia Genre that'll meet your expectations, just like the [Third-rate Chronicles of Return], [The Conquer of the Heavenly Faction], and the [Chronicle

Rescue SystemChapter 59

Kim Soohyuk, a veteran rescuer in Shinil-seo was crushed and killed during a rescue operation in a collapsing building.Soohyuk, who thought he was dead, opened his eyes in an incident 10 years ago. [Save Everyone] He was able to save two people that

I have an SSS-rank Trait, but I want a Normal LifeChapter 52

I have an SSS-rank Trait but I want a Normal Life manhwa, SSS Even though strange beings like monsters and constellations appeared, my personal philosophy did not change.But with the sudden awakening and blessing of an SSS-rank trait, my peaceful

Rental HeroChapter 36

Lee JooWon is a doppleganger who works for heroes by taking their place while they're out saving the world. He is approached by Justice, the number one ranked hero, who hires Joowon to replace him. After agreeing to Justice's offer with a hefty compe

Amelia’s Contract MarriageChapter 33

Read manhwa Amelia's Contract Marriage / Amelia married as if she were being sold to Count Domene her family's political opponent. That was a grey marriage without love.After being used as a spy without realizing it, her only thing left was a mise

Don’t Trust the Female LeadChapter 70

Don't Trust the Female Lead manhwa, , Don't Trust the Heroine Susan is the perfect and sweet female leador so the novel says. Because of this, the newly possessed Lady Medena Rodenherg doesn't think twice about supporting the protagonist on her jo

Circumstances of Switching BodiesChapter 113

The prince was cursed of switching bodies with the woman he spent the night with, and I became the daughter of the duke who could not solve the curse. Tempted to solve the curse, I seduced him indifferently and spent the night with him. I gave him th

Garbage Time – Basketball UnderdogsChapter 66

What is the fate of the basketball team with only the underdogs in it? Join Gi Sangho and the rest of Jisang High School Basketball Team tackle a series of adventures on their way to victory!

The Duchess’s Secret Dressing RoomChapter 56

The Duchess's Secret Dressing Room manhwa, How much money must I spend for you to divorce me!? Rubika dies in a war without being able to confess her love for Arman but is instead sent back in time. A new life, she will not live in vain. But what

My Angelic Husband is actually a Devil in DisguiseChapter 42

Read manhwa My Angelic Husband is actually a Devil in Disguise / Setia accepts the marriage contract offer from Miere Lunaria, a rich but dim-witted bachelor, only because she needs the money to get out of her family's debt. Only a month into thei

Past Life Returner (Remake 2022)Chapter 60

[Would you like to reverse time?][All your abilities will be reset.][Please choose the date.]"February 28th, 1985. The day I was born."Financial power. I will gather all the fortune of the worldand create a monopoly. I will monopolize all the dungeon

To Those Who Long for My DestructionChapter 37

Read manhwa To Those Who Long for My Destruction / To Those Who Wish For My Destruction / From parents forcibly married, whose only shared passion is mutual disdain, a neglected child is born- Leoni. Yearning for affection as a child, Leoni los

Reforming My Regretful HusbandChapter 26

Read manhwa Reforming My Regretful Husband / "Don't use the regretful male lead hashtag if the heroine doesn't end up with a regretful male lead!" After wailing over the ending of my favorite novel, I wake up as Cornia, the heroine who kicks her r

Don’t Trust the HeroineChapter 70

Don't Trust the Heroine manhwa, She was reincarnated into a novel as the villainess' supporter and died a tragic death after harassing the heroine.To avoid her death, she gave everything to Suzanne, the heroine and helped her get her happy ending. Bu

Secret Wardrobe Of The DuchessChapter 56

How much money must I spend for you to divorce me!? Rubika dies in a war without being able to confess her love for Arman but is instead sent back in time. A new life, she will not live in vain. But what are these new obstacles?Secret Wardrobe Of The

Philia Rose - The Prophecy of the Crown of ThornsChapter 94
The Villainess Debuts GorgeouslyChapter 37

Although she was born as a noble princess, her life was abandoned by her fianc and betrayed by her family. "I don't need to live kindly, I will live more splendidly than anyone else. Even if that's called a wicked woman." After her return, the prelud

My Sister's Happy EndingChapter 55

Yoon Bom-bit loves one thing above all else dating simulation games. Her most recent obsession? A feudal-era game called "The Lonely Hawk Sings in the Absinthe-Colored Cage" starring Anette De Valois. Bom-bit would do anything to give Anette the hap

I am the Older Sister of the Possessed Female LeadChapter 55

Read manhwa I am the Older Sister of the Possessed Female Lead / She is The Older Sister of The Posessed Lady / My younger sister who used to harass me has changed! "Me? Tied you up? My sister?" Why, why are you suddenly speaking formally? She can'

Transcension AcademyChapter 87

SeoJoon, who had been working to save in order to pay off his dead parents' debt and to attend a hunter academy, ended up needing to spend all his savings for surgery due to an unfortunate accident.In his moment of despair, a weird ad played.[You can

If You Want a Fake SisterChapter 20

Read manhwa If You Want a Fake Sister / The Duke's Imposter Sister / The lost princess of Grandia, Gris Benedict, had become a s*ave in a brothel at the age of nine. She was fortunate enough to have escaped her prison after eleven years. But the co

The Kids Have ChangedChapter 30

Read manhwa The Kids Have Changed / TKHC / Nara Lee, an ambitious and diligent 35 years old, has finally achieved her dream: buying a rooftop apartment! Little did she know she wouldn't have time to enjoy it, as she ends up reincarnated as the 8 yea

I Returned as an FFF-Class Witch DoctorChapter 53

The protagonist, Ma Jinsung, was on the verge of clearing a quest in the game, [Demon King Raid] when he was betrayed and abandoned by his expedition teammate. Just when he thought everything was over, he was pulled away by a strange voice and regres

Girl's WorldChapter 366

Girl's World summary: It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...

The Tax ReaperChapter 85

National Tax Service Thug , the bastard of national tax service The protagonist Shin Jaehyun', was called a traitor and lost his job because he reported corruption in his company. He did not become downtrodden and set his goals on becoming a tax offi

The Empress Wants To Avoid the EmperorChapter 21HOT

Read manhwa The Empress Wants To Avoid the Emperor / When Louise realizes that all she'll get in return for slaving away for an incompetent emperor is an early grave, she decides to ditch her role as empress, get a job within the palace, and final

Satan's BrideChapter 177

Rupia lives proudly as the daughter of a well-respected noble family. But to fulfill a prophetic oracle she and her friends, along with hundreds of other human females, will be offered up as brides for the Underworld's demonic nobility. Upon meeting

I am with the music immortalsChapter 2

Though he had no talent, he wanted to succeed as a singer. Death came to him on the day he thought was his last chance, but the music immortals did not forsake him. 'If the music immortals don't abandon you, can you really do it?' With the immortals

Assassin’s CreedChapter 33

The Korean WebToon that will tell the story of Edward Kenway in the sequel to Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Living as the Enemy PrinceChapter 29

Read manhwa Living as the Enemy Prince / / Reborn as the Enemy PrinceImagine being kin to your sworn enemy. Killed in battle while defending his country, Bern wakes up in the body of the enemy prince, Kalian, and vows to avenge his people. But be

Girl’s World ( World of Girl )Chapter 366

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends Girl's World / Girl's World ( World of Girl )

The S-Classes That I RaisedChapter 114

An F-rank Hunter.That too, a useless, pathetic F-rank hyung who dragged down his amazing S-rank brother.To me, who'd halfheartedly lived a disastrous life that'd ended up devouring my brother's life and making me regress, the title given, wasPerfect

One Regret Is EnoughChapter 43

I helped the warriors who couldn't reach the dragon, and we became true companions beyond life and death.So I believed.But it was my own delusion.It was impossible for me to join in that place of honor where everyone cheered. As a commoner, I couldn'

Reborn as the Enemy PrinceChapter 29

Imagine being kin to your sworn enemy.Killed in battle while defending his country, Bern wakes up in the body of the enemy prince, Kalian, and vows to avenge his people. But between taming an abusive half-brother and surviving his mother's deadly web

The Gangster Baby of the Duke’s FamilyChapter 31

Read manhwa The Gangster Baby of the Duke's Family / My name is Leonora Hachania.I'm the daughter of a minor extra villain, but I have a great desire for power. I can't leave the Hachanias as insignificant as the original!"Cloudy to the left!""Do

I Obtained a Mythic ItemChapter 83

Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse Mythology, suddenly appeared on Earth. And with it came demonic creatures that ravaged entire cities.Although not all hope is lost, due to the System that a few special humans had gained.In this new world where only

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