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Chapter 100
ShounenActionAdventureDemonsDUNGEONSFantasyMonstersSuper PowerSURVIVALManhua

The game has emerged into reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down and humanity has entered the era of becoming players with the world set as a game stage. The only way to become a player is by leveling up to become stronger! The only way to rise to the top of the world! On the day of world fusion Lin Moyue chose to take on the sole hidden class, Necromancer. From then on, Lin Moyue would not die until his summoned creatures died out. "I sit on the throne of bones as the G** of the dead and walk between life and death." "I am a walking catastrophe!"

Chapter 63
RomanceSchool lifeShoujoSlice of lifeSuper Power

Seo Yeonji was dumped by her childhood friend. The day after she put a curse on him, she gained a strange superpower.

Chapter 23
MangaShounenActionAdventureFantasySuper Power

In a world where Classes are bestowed by the gods upon everyone when they reach eighteen, the existence of Skills within these Classes tends to overshadow any hard work, setting one's life path. Within this imbalanced system, Lythe, who trained in hopes of becoming a Holy Knight, was heartlessly classified as Jobless during the Class assignment, resulting in his expulsion from the town by his father, the Duke. As he scraped by as a luggage boy, there came a day when the merchant caravan he was with got attacked by bandits. Lythe, attempting to save the child, engaged in a battle with the skillful attackers, accepting his impending death. Yet, a mysterious voice echoed in his head when he punched a bandit in his last act of defiance

Chapter 43
ActionAdventureFantasyMagicMartial artsMonstersMysterySuper PowerSupernatural

Xiao Qiu, who quietly guards humanity with his own strength, is misunderstood by everyone. Having experienced a depressed life and being reborn, he embarked on the path of becoming a bloodless and tearless monster. "Saving mankind, what does it have to do with humanity"I Must Be a MonsterW Bx Chngwi Guiw

Chapter 91
ActionDramaFantasyHistoricalMartial artsSeinenSuper PowerSupernatural

The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope for humanity's continued survival. 13 gods will fight against 13 human champions in one-on-one battles to decide whether humanity lives or dies.

Chapter 30
AdaptationDemonsFantasyHistoricalMatureReincarnationRomanceSuper Power

#18Prayers of the Profane / The servant of God, Saharo, breaks the biggest rule for an angel when she momentarily sympathizes with Evil. After letting Evil escape from heaven's grasp, Saharo loses her angelic wings and won't be able to reascend until she destroys the dark enemy once and for all. There's just one problem: her target is reincarnated as a human boy named Yannick Unbrey. While angels have the power to eliminate Evil, they are forbidden from ever killing a human being. Thus, Saharo's only choice is to watch over the boy and make sure the darkness within him never awakens. But the older Yannick gets, the more he becomes tainted by the wicked nature of the world. Will Saharo be able to protect Yannick from his slumbering demon, or will she end up giving in to its sinful call with him?

Chapter 109
ManhuaShounenActionFantasyFull ColorSuper PowerSupernaturalXUANHUAN

Life never seems to go Huai Shi's way. No friends, no family, no money... He applies for a job as a restaurant musician, but it turns out to be an ad for a gigolo! This is no way for a main character with a cheat to live... However, when the supernatural finally starts catching up with him, he begins to wish it never did.

Chapter 12
SeinenEcchiActionComedyCrossdressingFantasyGender benderHaremMagicSchool lifeSuper Power

Kate is the strongest and most powerful student in the school, and is said to be the hero . However, he is actually a beautiful girl dressed as a man. Dino, Kate's rival, finds out. He says, "You can do whatever you want with my body if you keep it a secret." Dino accepts Kate's naughty services as a reward for his silence. As they become addicted to their lovey-dovey play, Dino and Kate are in love. Another maiden in men's clothing also appears! I'll give you some naughty services in exchange for you shutting up your male guise!" *A young man who aims high engages in friendly competition with attractive rivals. *A slightly naughty school fantasy!

Chapter 45
ManhuaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMartial artsReincarnationSuper PowerWuxia

Zhao Dongting was betrayed and killed by his lover, but he came back to life in Dynasty Song South and become emperor. He stepped on the dead sea and set foot on the throne, and turned the madness to the side, and helped to build the kingdom, and become the legend of the supreme emperor!

Chapter 30
ComedyDramaFantasyManhwaManhwaRomanceSuper PowerSupernatural

Read manhwa KISSING YOU BEFORE GOING TO BED / After a childhood accident, Ji-ho acquires psychic abilities. However, controlling them is a constant struggle! For 18 years, he's been coping with these unpredictable powers. In an unexpected revelation, Ji-ho discovers that physical contact with Ye-chan, the man living next door, can temporarily ease his psychic discomfort. Now, Ji-ho is thrust into a comedic and chaotic quest: he must win over Ye-chan to legally establish this essential contact. This story unfolds as a tapestry of spontaneous humor, romantic fantasy, and heroic action, all entwined with a twist of superpower mayhem!

Chapter 66
ManhwaVIOLENCEActionAdventureSuper PowerSURVIVAL

As life gets harder, Ian pushes his emotions away and resists.His father's violence and debts increase ... Thee misfortune continued and his body became increasingly numb. accidentally he walks through an illegal fight and receives an offer."If you get in the game, I will give you all the money on this floor."His survival period begins, where he must survive in an illegal fighting arena

Chapter 16
MangaShounenActionAdventureFantasyKIDSMartial artsMonstersSuper Power

In this world, all humans are born with a job, a set of skills, and a base status. However, our protagonist, John Leetle received the short end of the stick and was born with the Tamer job and blessed with only one skill: Fist Punch; Both are considered to be the most useless bestowments one could receive. One day, by sheer coincidence, he manages to tame a baby Fenrir he found in the woods, and names it Ferryl. Having made his first friend, things were finally looking up for him. However, it appears Misfortune still haunts him closely, as a grim fate befalls his friend...

Chapter 40
AdaptationDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiOne shotRomanceSuper PowerSupernatural

In a romance novel full of shoveling and misunderstanding, she possessed Namjoo's younger sister. Fallen in the novel, I took off my feet for the frustrating main couple, but on the day of their engagement , the main characters declared their breakup! And at the center of it was the heroine's older brother, 'Aiberg Raphael'. The monster duke, aiberg was quite a 'siscon'... . In order to get rid of 'Siscon', wouldn't it be reasonable to just do it? "What is the Duke's ideal type?" "A woman with red hair and eyes resembling blazing fire, and who will not be discouraged by whoever stands before me. Ah, when I say this... You look like my ideal type." I was just trying to prevent the breakup of the main characters, but did I cheat on the female protagonist's brother without knowing it?

Chapter 162
ManhuaRomanceShoujoSuper PowerSupernatural

About Help! My boyfriend is a monster ManhuaA car accident made Fang Yin Yin into a cat. As well as being a full-time nurse for three kittens, she also has to deal with an overbearing president. "From today on, you're my cat, remember this in your head." "You damn stray cat, so ugly and yet you're still trying to entice me." "It's so troublesome being so dazzling all the time. Being my cat, you also feel tired, right?"Help, My Boyfriend Is a Ghost!Jiuming, wo de nan piao shi yaoguai!

Chapter 27
ActionFantasySuper PowerManhua

Jiang Mingyu, who obtained mysterious powers in an accident, embarked on the road to upgrade the abyss system, and became a player in order to obtain a better life for his family. Faced with many challenges in the player's career, he found that the beginning of all this was not an accident, but an arrangement of fate in the underworld.

Chapter 30
ActionAdventureComedyFantasyRomanceSci fiSuper Power

In Lian Meng College's virtual portal, the ace students of each college are doing their best for the graduation assessment, all the while waiting for the Breaker. In the end, a mysterious man with the code name Ling surpassed the ninth-level difficulty of the Seth Canyon alone. Thus, giving +1 to the CV evaluation of all Nan Luo College graduates. In the midst of the crowd's cheers, Lin Chuan, the user of code name Ling, couldn't help but smile in the equipment maintenance room. Everything seems to hold secrets.

Chapter 46
AdventureDemonsFantasyGhostsHistoricalMysterySuper PowerSupernatural

A jinxed youth searches for luck. A teenager who loathes himself because of a supernatural curse which brings misfortune to those around him embarks on a thrilling journey with his friend to solve the mystery of their strange powers.A Gust of Wind Blows at Daybreak /

Chapter 141
ActionShounenSuper Power

The manga revolves around Saike, a male middle school student without dreams or motivation. Within his normal everyday life, the only one who dotes on him is his female childhood friend, Mikan. However, one day, after seeing Mikan in extreme danger, he gains psychic powers that surpass human knowledge.(Source: ANN)Included one-shot:Volume 3: Negatibrain

Chapter 165
ActionSupernaturalFantasyShounenComedySuper PowerRomanceMagicHaremScience fiction

The story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion.In the story, Touma Kamijou is an ordinary high school boy with terrible academic scores and a power called Imagine Breaker. Imagine Breaker can defeat any other power, but it also undermines Kamijou's own good luck. His Imagine Breaker's immense strength is literally immeasurable, so hapless Kamijou is listed at the supernatural level of 0. He happens to meet a girl in white hanging off his window balcony. The girl says she is being chased by sorcerers, and Kamijou learns that the girl is a Church of England nun whose memories have been forcibly replaced by Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum the 103,000 forbidden texts of the Church.(Source: MU)

Chapter 7
ShounenActionAdventureFantasyMagicMonstersSuper PowerSuperheroTragedy

If you've ever wondered, what happened to the Gods of the ancient world? Where did they come from? Why did they disappear so suddenly? You're about to find your answers here. Little Gabriel has stumbled into the world we've been blind to all this time. The vast expanse of Creation is ripe for the Conquering. The only ones standing in his way are the legions of Gods of the old and the New age!

Chapter 11
ActionFantasyShounenSuper Power

Sho is seen fighting with a local gang that terrorizes the nearby town, he defeats them rather quickly with his powers. And is joined by his pet Pii-tan a falcon, whom he have been friends with since childhood. Later as the gang resumes their activities and are driving recklessly through town, they are forcefully stopped by a T. rex. Though its appearance differs from a usual T. rex in that it looks like it has an armor. Even though it kills the gang, they are not his mission. Instead he is looking for a traitor who happens to be Shirin, who wields a Fairy armor. Sho finds him eventually face to face with Shirin who is as small as a fairy with her armor on, badly hurt. The T. rex goes by the name Tyranno and find Sho with Shirin and wastes no time and tries to stomp them to death. Pii-tan comes to the rescue and manages to draw Tyranno's attention away from Sho, who flees into a nearby house with Shirin.

Chapter 32
ActionDramaFantasyMagicRomanceSuper Power

I must harvest the power of love! When a magical potion that can transform any living organism into a human goes awry, it's up to Sarang the Chameleon to harvest the power of true love and save the Demon World. But can a chameleon masquerading as a human truly blend in with society and accomplish her goal?Frog Princess / () / (CC)mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.

Chapter 139.5
ActionDramaHorrorSupernaturalFantasyMysteryShounenSuper Power

.Hundreds of years ago, horrifying creatures which resembled humans appeared. These mindless, towering giants, called "titans," proved to be an existential threat, as they preyed on whatever humans they could find in order to satisfy a seemingly unending appetite. Unable to effectively combat the titans, mankind was forced to barricade themselves within large walls surrounding what may very well be humanity's last safe haven in the world.In the present day, life within the walls has finally found peace, since the residents have not dealt with titans for many years. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert are three young children who dream of experiencing all that the world has to offer, having grown up hearing stories of the wonders beyond the walls. But when the state of tranquility is suddenly shattered by the attack of a massive 60-meter titan, they quickly learn just how cruel the world can be. On that day, Eren makes a promise to himself that he will do whatever it takes to eradicate every single titan off the face of the Earth, with the hope that one day, humanity will once again be able to live outside the walls without fear.[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Chapter 69
ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalMagicMangaManhuaManhwaRomanceROYAL FAMILYSchool lifeSlice of lifeSuper PowerTime travelWebtoons

A prophecy declared that a child would lead the empire back to glory. That same year, Amy and her half-sister, Aurora, were born. Both girls competed for the title and when it seemed like Amy was going to win, Aurora convinced everyone that Amy was an evil witch and she had her burnt at the stake. But Amy didn't die. She traveled back in time to her childhood and with the help of her best friend, Atlas, realized that she still had some of her magic. Amy will do anything to get her powers back, but will it be enough to claim her destiny?Ai Mi Gong Zhu De Mo Fa,Princess Amy's Magic,i M Gng Zh De M F,mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.

Chapter 27
ActionSuper PowerScience fiction

Ninja...Ninja were... merciless demi-gods, ruling Japan with their karate in the age of ninja tranquility. But, "some" committed a forbidden form of harakiri storing their souls at Kinkaku Temple for future resurrection. Their lost history was falsified and concealed and the truth about these ninja was long forgotten.Now, in the future where the universalization of cybernetic technology and electronic networks are God, suddenly, sinister ninja souls, resurrected from thousands of years past are unleashed on the dark shadows of Neo-Saitama. Fujikido Kenji, is a salaryman whose wife and child were killed in a ninja turf war. In a brush with his own death, Fujikido is possessed by an enigmatic ninja soul.Fujikido cheats death and becomes Ninja Slayera Grim Reaper destined to kill evil ninja, committed to a personal war of vengeance.Set in the dystopian underworld of Neo-Saitama, Ninja Slayer takes on Soukai Syndicate ninjas in mortal combat.(Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode)

Chapter 64
ActionDramaSupernaturalSeinenSuper Power

.The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope for humanity's continued survival. 13 gods will fight against 13 human champions in one-on-one battles to decide whether humanity lives or dies.(Source: ANN)

Chapter 24
ManhuaActionAdventureComedyFantasyFull ColorHaremIsekaiReincarnationRomanceSuper PowerSuperheroXIANXIA

a college student got transmigrated in fantasy word of the game he loved the most and acquiring a new system. watch as Liu Yuan start this journey to scam his way to the top

Chapter 5
ActionAdventureFantasyHorrorJoseiSeinenShoujoShounenSuper PowerSupernatural

Manga inspired by Japanese style. The action takes place in the world of magic whose users are zombies.

Chapter 33
ActionSuper PowerMecha

An anthology comic of Tiger & Bunny by various mangaka.

Chapter 2
ManhuaWebtoonShounenActionComedyFull ColorSuper PowerSupernatural

Zeng Hu lives in a "mutated" wasteland city that has been nuclear-pacified. Superpowers give rise to danger as evil and cruel individuals prove their worth in this land. Here, cold-blooded tyranny is king! Here, love and friendship are taboo! However, Zeng Hu dives into the forbidden river of love. Zeng Hu racks his brain in order to defeat his love rival and be closer to his crush, until he realizes that both his love rival and crush are tied to the world's largest mutated organization with countless connections

Chapter 14
ManhuaWebtoonShounenAdventureComedyFull ColorPost apocalypticSuper PowerSupernaturalSURVIVALZombies

"Eternal Night of Poison Rain" The event that ended Human Civilisation in a single day, humans escaped, and built a New City in the wilderness.The old city was covered in the sea of miasma, and it birthed new monsters The Scourge, commonly known as Zombies.In order to fight against them, humanity evolved and awakened superpowers.The main character, Wu Chan, to get rid of the dangers caused by the superpower's side effects, he sets out on a dangerous journey into the hazardous Old City.But first, he needs to open a Waste Incineration Center

Chapter 60.1
ManhwaWebtoonActionComedyCrimeDramaFull ColorSuper PowerSuperhero

Unable to activate his superpowers since graduating from the prestigious Hero Academy, Ron struggles to land a job as a superhero. One day, Ron accepts a mysterious job interview where he gets scouted by Darren. The job? Be Darren's personal assistant, who just happens to be the world's most notorious villain. But Darren turns out to be a great boss who cares deeply about his employees' work-life balance, going so far as to brew morning coffee for them. The more involved Ron gets with the life of being a villain, the more he begins to question the conventional definitions of good and bad.

Chapter 86
AdventureComedySuper Power

Chapter 50
FantasyRomanceShoujoSuper PowerSupernatural

Welcome Guardian Spirit at "I'm your matchmaking guardian spirit!"On the lonely day of her high school graduation, Jinri receives an anonymous bouquet of peonies which changes into a man claiming to be her guardian spirit! Dodeok insists he can help Jinri find her true love, but there's no time for love in the hard-knock life of an orphan is there? (Manta)Oh Jin-ri, a high school girl who lives in a gosiwon. I don't have a single family member to come to my high school graduation.It's a suffocating reality, but she's trying to get up, brushing her hair as she always does.A peony that suddenly appeared in front of such truth No, a mountain spirit?!It is surprising that the flower has turned into a human being, but his words that he finds a fateful mate are even more remarkable. A woman who thinks love is a luxury, and a man who thinks love is everything.Where will the fate of these two go?Come on God, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free at mangabuddy. Chapters are updated hourly with high-quality graphics and a full English translation. Find free translations of your favorite , and . The latest updated content on mangabuddy is now available.

Chapter 37
ActionHorrorSupernaturalSeinenSuper PowerSchool life

Chapter 14
ComedySuper Power

All his life, Dude has had one simple dream: to own a toaster. And he's finally done it. Nothing could possibly go wrong... right?

Chapter 9
DramaFantasyManhwaOffice workersRomanceSuper PowerSupernatural

Read manhwa Office Worker Who Sees Fate / A child born to become a shaman with the fate of putting the world in chaos. To let go of his greed and refuse g**, he's trying to become an ordinary office worker. Choi Yeonghoon, the one who can see destiny through physiognomy (face fortune reading) and fortune telling. Will he succeed in becoming an ordinary office worker?

Chapter 1
ManhuaShounenActionAdventureFull ColorIsekaiSuper Power

I Can Blow Up An Isekai World With Just One Punch

Chapter 59
ActionDramaSeinenSuper PowerSchool life

In the future, supernatural powers not only exist but have become science fact. The "Special Abilities Private High School" is established in order to utilize students' powers for the military. Students are roped onto the battlefield without knowing the meaning of the fight, whether it will save their lives... or spell their demise.(Source: Fire Sanctuary)

Chapter 5
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial artsSuper PowerManhua

Ye Jueyu has been in seclusion for five hundred years, and the world has changed drastically. In modern society, with the rise of supernatural powers, traditional martial arts begin to decline. The former apprentices have all become bigwigs from all walks of life. Let's see how the ancestor came out of the mountain, in the modern city, reigning in the clouds!

Chapter 60
DramaFantasySuper PowerSupernatural

Help me escape from this place. Nokram is a utopia, its citizens happy and smiling except for Juri, who sees a paradox in the facade of happiness. At her school's graduation, she stumbles upon a dark secret, and after a failed escape, she is saved by a girl with mysterious abilities. Will this new hero be the key to her way out?Our Idols

Chapter 36
ActionDramaFantasySuper PowerSlice of lifeGender benderScience fiction

1. Saiyuuki wo Yomu2. The World Cup 19623. Zou Natsu4. Ka5. Kuma6. Nanten7. Yoru no Garage8. Zou no Sanpou9. Metropolis10. Asagao [Story: Yoshitomo Yoshitomo]11. Maruimono

Chapter 13
ShounenAdventureHistoricalSuper Power

"The head of Isami Endo... Do you know about it?" Kai, which are weapons in the form of reanimated corpses, haunt the world... What will these men accomplish by manipulating the life and death of people...?Notices:~Please support the author by buying chapters~

Chapter 1
ActionCrimeDramaMysterySchool lifeSuper PowerSupernaturalThrillerWebtoon

He** Class (Kelas Neraka)I'm Kenaya. Just an average high school student that wants to play safe from bullying. But those savage bullies harassed my best friend, Riska. Because of that, I came back from he** to punish and humiliate them in this world!

Chapter 9
ActionSuper Power