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Chapter 146
DramaComedyRomanceEcchiHaremSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull ColorIncest

.26 Year Old, Born in a Golden Cradle , I've enjoyed a life of abundance. The only bad thing is that..... I haven't had sex yet....But that problem will be solved today!!I now.......

Chapter 72
Slice of lifeRomanceShounen aiCookingWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.Seo Yoon Seul, who's lived a perfect life so far, becomes a wreck when he starts having nightmares of a boy whom he coldly rejected when he was a student. The nightmares get even worse when he reunites with Kang Joon. Following his advice on becoming a good person to avoid nightmares, Yoon Seul approaches him to win his favor.

Chapter 77.5
DemonsSupernaturalFantasyYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

"I want someone else to touch it." Shin Lee-beom, who defeated the evil spirits in her dreams that harassed the client, was instead faced with the role. The problem is that the reverse is expressed as'burning se*** desire' ! "I'll help you. Do whatever Shin wants you."

Chapter 97
ComedySlice of lifeShounen aiWeb comicYaoi

.A sweet story between a little angel and a big angel~

Chapter 100
HistoricalComedyYaoiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Jace, an Academic Honours student, once had a very bright future! However, his life has gone downhill ever since he punched a noble classmate When he finally manages to get a chance to work as a private tutor The duke is so handsome that he cannot concentrate!

Chapter 49
YaoiSmutWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.A feeling of volume that fits in both hands. Smooth surface. Pinkish shiny bumps.1st of every monthA new heart that suits your taste will be found.Monthly Chest September Issue-Raisin Intensive Care RoomJisoo has a lot of troubles with her bigger chest than others.he goes to the hospital with anxiety that there may be something wrong with his body...Monthly Chest October-An Island to Become a Real ManAndrew got into an accident during flight training.After being in distress on an unknown island, he is greeted strongly by the natives...Monthly Chest November-Striker Becomes GoalIntern reporter Lee Jae-yeon who interviewed sports star Kim Gun-woo.I witness the reversal of the player who has only lost talent in Inseong Bottom...

Chapter 64
HistoricalSlice of lifeRomanceYaoiWeb comic

.From the moment of his birth until now, Han Sang Yul's life is not without lying. He was not the youngest son of Jodong medicine, but the chairman Han purposely took it from an Omega. Known as an Omega with a weak body but can only live as a subject of drug experiments, a drug so the body can react like other Omega.And Han Sang Yul - who was supposed to be kicked out of the house because of the value of taking advantage - since after meeting Prince Lee Reok by chance, normal life has gradually become more nervous and more hopeful. However, because he accidentally concealed his identity with Lee Reok right from the first meeting, he felt extremely guilty and embarrassed. During the time when Han Sang Yul was hesitant in confessing, things were getting bigger and bigger...Vietnamese: https://cungtruongnguyetblog.xyz/chuyen-tinh-cay-lieu-shu/Ridibooks: https://ridibooks.com/books/4304000001

Chapter 82.5
SupernaturalFantasyMysteryYaoiSmutWebtoonAdaptationLong stripWeb comicCrimeFull Color

.The main character has the ability to read other people's thoughts and feelings as written text. But for the first time in his life, a man whose thoughts and feelings that he couldn't see appeared. This is the beginning of a mysterious relationship between 2 men who are intensely attracted to each other.

Chapter 63 : update info
HorrorPsychologicalThrillerYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comic

.Tae Joon suffered a traumatic event in his youth that led him to lose his childhood memories.While looking for a place to rent, he meets Jung Yeon Woo, who claims to have been his childhood best friend, and ends up becoming his housemate. After he moves in, Tae Joon starts having horrific dreams of countless hands groping his body or Yeon Woo giving him unfamiliar pleasures. Haunted by daily occurrences of these nightmares and hallucinations, he starts to fall apart. Despite being aware of Tae Joon's situation, Yeon Woo feigns ignorance and pursues a sexual relationship with him."You can do it while thinking of me. Just be honest with yourself and don't hold back." Although Tae Joon is disturbed by these turn of events, he can't help but look forward to being further corrupted by Yeon Woo...

Chapter 46 : side story (5) the end
Slice of lifeRomanceYaoiWeb comic

.29 years old - Gay. Job Hunting - Fail.A man who has nothing that even small and medium businesses do not accept, 3 months ago, I officially got my master's degree from a famous university. Seunghyun officially went to work as an AR project intern.Seunghyun in his 20s has experienced a terrible unrequited love, now he doesn't want to give his heart to anyone who works in the same field as him. But he was shaken by Kim Jongchan, a tough-looking head who was very affectionate.Unexpected first love at the company, the first love battle in life, can Seunghyun pass safely?Note: Adapted from the novel of the same name by MoscaretoLink Vietnamese ver: https://cungtruongnguyetblog.xyz/nhan-vien-moi-zec/

Chapter 177
ComedySlice of lifeRomanceShounen aiYaoiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist's wife is officially his father-in-law!

DramaYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull ColorSexual violence

.Jung Jaehan, a third-generation chaebol, is an influential person in the entertainment industry and he's bored to death. Tired of drugs, alcohol, and pleasure, he meets the new movie director Yoon Heegyeomthe same Yoon Heesung, who was a rising rookie actor that retired even at the peak of his acting career because of a drug scandal

Chapter 80
ComedyShounen aiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.Seonyul went to the countryside to escape the troubles in his life, but he doesn't know the first thing about living there. Suddenly, Yechan, a hot-blooded youth with a love for farming appears in front of him?! As he learns to adapt to the rural lifestyle and help on the farm, Seonyul's gaze is drawn towards the honest and passionate Yechan...

Chapter 63.5
YaoiSmutWeb comicOfficial coloredFull ColorSexual violence

The Candy StoreWoojin, who blindly relies on his lover, Minho, is getting tired of Minho's unreasonable sexual demands. At a play that a friend invited him to watch because he cares about him, he becomes interested in actor Taehwan, who plays a minor role. So Woojin starts a relationship that Minho did not allow...

Season.3 Chapter 91
DemonsHorrorSupernaturalHistoricalRomanceYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredGore

.Deep in the mountains is a village that offers prayers to the mythical Asura/Sura in order to stay protected. Doctor Cho-ah' who lives in the doctor's town ends up saving a mysterious man named Mujin'.This encounter marks the end of Cho-ah's peaceful days as he gets caught up in a whirlwind of events.

Chapter 0.23 : special.23
DramaHistoricalRomanceSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

."It's my responsibility to be able to fulfill my duties this night in a good way. So all you have to do is to give yourself to me."Eunseol, who had wandered the battlefield living as a juvenile soldier, sets foot in the family as the daughter-in-law of Baek Empire's Imperial General, Ki Haewoon. No one expected to learn the truth that Baekwoon, the eldest son of Haewoon, has already become married. In addition, Haewoon declares that he will make her unborn child, who also doesn't exist yet, as the successor. And on a bright moonlit night, he came to visit her place!"Shh. Didn't I tell you not to cover yourself. The moon is illuminating, I was just wondering if I could see your opening. So I'll try opening it a bit with these fingers.""I am, father's..""Which father-in-law in the world would like to see and open the hole of his daughter-in-law?""Me... You said that I am your 'daughter-in-law,' right?""Then I must be an immoral man."

Chapter 0.2 : notice.2.
ActionRomanceYaoiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Isaac is the owner of a small flowershop in San Diego visited by the famous arms dealer, Felix, late one night. The arms dealer ordered a flower bouquet and Isaac handed him a clumsily arranged one, but for some reason, Felix showed unusual interest towards Isaac.Felix, a man with a dangerous charm who visits the flower shop almost everyday, and florist Isaac, a man with a lot of secrets who acts indifferent... Will Felix ever discover what Isaac is hiding?Tags: omegaverse, modern, adapted from a novel

Chapter 10
ComedyYaoiSchool lifeSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.I was suddenly diagnosed as an Omega. I didn't think it was serious, probably because I was ready to die.But, what is this;;; Why did my 'thing' suddenly got smaller?!?!Is it a side effect of the temporary prescription meds? Will it get better if I don't take the medicine?The hospital is already closed at this time, and the only person I can trust is the School Nurse that I'm close to...[Served while it's still hot by BL Bakery]

Chapter 100
RomanceShounen aiSchool lifeWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.In March, when the new semester begins, Han Seok, who was attacked by a cat on his way to school first meets Han Ki Woon, who takes care of the cat that attacked him.The two meet again in the same classroom by chance and Han Ki Woon, who hits the wall like he's strangely frivolous, continues to be interested in Han Seok!

Notice. : notice
FantasyComedySlice of lifeRomanceShoujo aiYuriWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Bai Lijin, a fairy who was living in heaven, eating and drinking without a care, broke her Majesty's colourful, stained-glass plate at her birthday and got banished to the mortal realm. Now she has to begin her adventures in the mortal realm with all of her spiritual powers gone! In order to survive, the former fairy has to deliver take-out....An endearingly silly fairy, a gentle restaurant manager, a reserved top student and a hard to resist two-faced girl, let the story of their beautiful friendship and youthful days begin!

Season.3 Chapter 5
Shounen aiSchool lifeWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

. Mae-hwa, who had secretly been in love with Jae-won throughout high school, finally made up his mind to stop loving Jae-won and forget about him after graduation. But at the first party after entering university, he found out that Jae-won was also there! Mae-hwa tries to keep his distance from Jae-won. Jae-won tries to get closer to him. Will his hidden feelings finally be discovered? Jae-won finds out how they can get along in the future...[url=https://www.dongmanmanhua.cn/CAMPUS/qingpingguoleyuan/list?title_no=1501]CHINESE TRANSLATION[/url]

Bounus.16 : (The End)
ComedyRomanceShounen aiSchool lifeWeb comicFull Color

.The ugly and shy Che Qiu Yuan was rejected after he had confessed to the school diva. He was even crowned with the nickname, "gorilla". His self-esteem was crushed. Therefore, he decided to turn over a new leaf, "start a new life", and transform into a dazzling prince charming. From then on, he thought he was invincible. However one day, he was overshadowed by a narcissist classmate.

Side.2(end) : Halloween Special - END
DramaShounen aiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.My crush didn't just ask me to raise his nephew together, but also to live together!? What follows is a difficult parenting life!

Chapter 60
YaoiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.This is the story of two gamers, Jeong Dong Woo (Another) and Cha Su Jin (Honey Milk Tea), who met each other in an online game. Dong Woo falls in love with Milk Tea and the two get virtually married. One day, they decide to meet in real life. However, upon the arrival of Honey Milk Tea, Dong Woo discovers that his beloved wife is a...

Chapter 60
FantasyYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull ColorMonsters

."If you don't need God... what about the devil?"The whisper of the devil's salvation offering sweet temptation to a child fleeing abuse."Make a contract with me, and if it's your desire, I'll give you three wishes."Gambling the life of a child who escaped abuse through a devil's deal, the child safely escapes from the devil and takes on a new life under the name Daniel Barton.Years later, Daniel, now an adult, found himself on his way to work. However, at the front of Washington Hotel stood a dazzlingly handsome man--

Chapter 40
DramaRomanceShounen aiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Summary: What do you do when the person you are entrusted to protect happens to pique your interest as well? Zhen Hao, who was asked by his best friend to take care of his love interest ends up falling in love with him as well. Who will win the affection of this love interest?... An exciting love triangle awaits~(ZAMAZENTA SCANS)

Chapter 176
FantasyRomanceSmutIsekaiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.Get married to the Marquess for 3 years and receive 5 billion coins vs. endure physical labor with no pay for 60 years. Which choice will Daisy make?A marriage of convenience develops between Daisy, who is a baron's daughter, and the Marquess. The conditions of the contract are simple. No affection or love allowed, must work together as one, and guaranteed divorce 3 years later. Most importantly, do not do anything that can make the other fall in love.After pathetically drowning to death, Daisy goes back in time and now with her second life, she has one simple wish: to achieve happiness. Will she be able to fulfill it by Killian's side?SPANISH: Csate por tres aos y obtn 5 mil millones y 60 aos sin pagarCul es la eleccin de Daisy?"Conseguir un trabajo como esposa del Duque por un contrato. Ser una buena compaera". Las reglas del contrato son simples. Casarse, pero esta prohibo el afecto. Un divorcio rpido garantizado despus de 3 aos. Nunca prohibas algo a tu esposo."Los hombres de mi familia se especializan en asesinatos polticos".Daisy vivi una vida desafortunada en su vida anterior. Una pobre mujer que tena una vida arruinada y muri miserablemente. Su nico deseo era no regresar a su vida anterior a la muerte y vivir una segunda vida, disfrutando de la felicidad ordinaria y trivial. Puede Daisy pedir ese deseo?

Chapter 153
DramaEcchiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull ColorOffice workersSexual violence

.Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women's bathroom. In the end, however, he was proven to be innocent. Then one day, he was suddenly notified of his reassignment by the team manager. It seemed that she was victorious, until...

ActionDramaMilitaryPsychologicalMysteryRomanceThrillerPoliceYaoiTragedyWebtoonAdaptationLong stripWeb comicCrimeFull ColorMafia

.Three years ago, the operation leader Jiang Ting made an error in judgment, a chain explosion occurred at the scene, and there were heavy casualties in the unit. Three years later, he, supposed to have died in duty, returned to the world, doing everything he could to bring forth the bloody, bizarre truth. Heroic souls resting in death, the ones behind it all closely approaching, sentiments built fighting side by side in blood and fire"I used all of my luck in this life, to exchange for you. Thank you for bringing me back to this world, Yan Xie."

YaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Scanlation by Cinnamoroll ArmyEunsoo runs a flower shop with his mother. But one day his single mother told him that she had a boyfriend with marriage plans in mind. Furthermore, his mother's boyfriend has twin sons. Unexpectedly, the twins who were his soon to be little brothers, upon their first meeting treated Eunsoo with utmost kindness and try to make forbidden physical contact with Eunsoo.Summary of MMS:Mom suddenly wants to remarry, but the man she's dating he has twin sons?Do the brothers know about my confused feelings when they tell me they like me?Since we'll be a family soon, we should try to get along, butThis is way past being close. Don't you think we're being too open with each other?

Chapter 57 : Official translation Side story.5 Finale
DramaPsychologicalHistoricalYaoiWebtoonReincarnationLong stripWeb comicOfficial colored

.Even if you die, even if you are rebornYou will never be able to leave me.Unable to accept the emperor, who is engulfed in obsession and madness, I killed myself.But a hundred years passed byand I was reborn, as if it was fate, as if fate played tricks on me.And with my past memory intact at that!!I vowed never to see him again, but I hoped that at least he would've forgotten all his memoryCould I not have escaped him even with deathI face the reincarnation of the emperor once again.

Chapter 66
ComedySlice of lifeRomanceYaoiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.[ Phoebe Scans X Cadre Scans ]A dream romance between the strongest alpha Cha Soo-hyuk and omega Kim Ha-jin!Enthusiastic omega Kim Ha-jin had an unrequited love for Cha Soo-hyuk, a senior alpha, for 7 years since he was a freshman.After hearing the news of Soo-hyuk going abroad to study, Hajin decides to spend the last night with him to end the unrequited love he has formed. And with the help of his friend, he intentionally approaches Soo-hyuk. There is a rumor that Soo-hyuk dealt with an omega, who had intentionally approached him in the past, but Hajin does not care.But did he have to care? He managed to spend the night with him and succeeded, but his pursuit begins.

Chapter 52
DramaSlice of lifeRomanceYaoiSchool lifeWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Jaeyoung Ha, a young professor at K University's Department of Business Administration. His lectures and kindness were top quality and he's quite popular among the teachers at the university. However, he has been keeping a secret about being an otaku who is obsessed over some animated girl. Then one day, when a student discovers that he's an otaku who is a Dakimakura, his peaceful daily life fell apart.

Chapter 80
FantasyHistoricalRomanceMagicWebtoonAdaptationReincarnationLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.There is a family, who for generations, were rumored to be monsters. The lord of the Halstead castle, Erden.He adorns a mask to hide his scary face. Leticia, who was sent to marry Lord Halstead in place of her sisters, began to be referred to as 'the woman who married the monster' and was pitied by others. but there is a secret that they don't know."I'm always grateful to you, wife. You're so kind to the unsightly me...""well, since I'm Erden's wife.""I need to divorce you soon so you won't be troubled by such things anymore... I'm sorry but I lost the divorce papers."Well of course, that's because I burnt them."So I need more time...I think it'll take more time."I need to spread more scary rumors about the north to the lawyers. I am definitely not divorcing such a handsome husband!!!

Chapter 0.2 : side.2 : end
DemonsSupernaturalFantasyYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull ColorMonsters

.A warrior who was slaughtered after having saved the world from monsters. He wakes up in an unknown world after he died at the hands of his comrades.After attaining a second chance at life, he vows to live his life in debauchery, but the way his savior gazes at him... is somewhat strange. How will Yosa and Demi's relationship unfold?[hr][b]Links[/b]:[*][url=https://twitter.com/taste_mor][img]https://i.imgur.com/dQCXZkU.png[/img] Author's Twitter[/url]

Chapter 115
RomanceIsekaiWebtoonAdaptationReincarnationLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.Ji-Woo Lee, an author gets reincarnated into her novel as Tara Elias, the 5th daughter of the Elias family. However, the family is supposed to fall soon, and everyone in it will be executed. Ji-Woo insists that she will escape her fate."I thought everything was going smoothly."That is, until she meets the second prince. Prince Kyle Amur.

Chapter 85
DramaPsychologicalSlice of lifeRomanceShounen aiSchool lifeAdaptationWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.From Jupiter Scanlations:[i]I wish to have you by my left shoulder, with a smile by my right-- I wish to run freely in your eyes-- I wish for one look to last a lifetime. [/i]Jiang Cheng, an accomplished student, was "exiled" to the steel mill where his biological father worked. This strange, foreign environment, coupled with his rather vulgar biological father, caused Jiang Cheng to feel quite depressed... that is, until one day, he met Gu Fei, the "Delinquent of the Steel Mill", by chance. Thus begins the story of Jiang Cheng and Gu Fei, a story of salvation and hope...

Chapter 70
PsychologicalRomanceWeb comic

Somewhere along the way I really fell in love...

Chapter 18
ReincarnationMagicIsekaiDramaFantasyVillainessWeb comicAdaptation

In order to clear the name of 'Emi,' a girl who had reincarnated as Remilia, the villainess of an otome game, the real Remilia who had been watching all along inside awakens.Now it's time for the true villainess' revenge to begin!

Chapter 12
ComedyYaoiSmutWeb comicFull Color

."I'm dreaming of a soap opera like love."Wooshin Hyung replied with that line on the day Kijoong finally confessed to him. Kijoong initially thought that Hyung's words had meant "be good to me". But as time passed and he started to fully understand Hyung, he realized the true meaning: that Hyung wanted their relationship to literally be like a soap opera.

Chapter 70
Shounen aiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.[Fluffy Bear Scans x Meraki BL]Everyone has memories of their first love, for Dongha, those memories are bittersweet.In highschool, Dongha has an unrequited love towards Sungwoo. Fearing the backlash and shame he will suffer if anyone knows that he is gay, he hid his feelings for Sungwoo.This is the story of Dongha's first love, as he spends his days regretting to follow his heart. One day, he receives a novel from Sungwoo titled "Sorrowful Gyeongsang".As Dongha starts reading the book, he gets transported in the novel's fictional world and meets a different Sungwoo. Determined to not lose Sungwoo ever again, he plays along with the story of the novel but . . .Meeting his first love again in Gyeongsang era, will his unrequited love be fruitful this time?

Chapter 30
RomanceShounen aiYaoiWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.Han Eun-soo, a little boy next door, has been next door since the days of his nose.Since I was a child, I've been asking for marriage and dating, but I just handed it over, saying that I'm just cute... Why doesn't this guy's obsession end? Besides, we have to work together now.

Chapter 31
DramaYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.(The Candy Store)After his sister's sudden disappearance, Ro is contacted by the police officer Mark. Giving little information about the situation, Mark says Ro has to infiltrate Mother Earth (ME), a huge pharmaceutical company, in order to find the whereabouts of his sister. Ro soon begins working there as a bodyguard, working close to Chairman A, a beautiful and mysterious man. Even though the situation is dangerous, there is a strange attraction between them, so strong that will lead them to a physical relationship. The more they get involved, the more Ro can investigate the connection between ME and his sister's disappearance, but his heart often wavers wanting to believe in A It is the beginning of Ro's battle with himself to decide if he can trust Chairman A or not.-----------------Rowe, who's worried about his sister's sudden disappearance, was approached by a police officer, Mark. He asked Rowe to join the M.E Company as a bodyguard in order to help find his sister. M.E Chairman, A, seems like a dangerous man who despite his charming look, is hard to determine what's going on inside of him.Somehow Rowe and A are bound together by some subtle attractions and it eventually led to a sexual relationship between them. But the more their relationship deepens, the more Rowe has to suspect that A is related to his sister's disappearance, even though he wants to keep trusting him

DramaRomanceYaoiSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicAnimalsOffice workers

.The sweet office romance unfolds in a world that has been animalized Daeun, who works as usual, hears the rumor that an employee from another company will come, and that they will carry out a project together. The employee who attracted the attention of people in the company with his handsome looks, was none other than Daeun's long-time unrequited love, Junhyuk. Can Daeun capture Jun-hyuk now that they met again?

Chapter 118
FantasyRomanceGameOne shotIsekaiWebtoonAdaptationReincarnationVideo gamesLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredReverse haremFull Color

.Opening my eyes, I found my soul synced into the popular dating sim game, Midnight'! And although I was clearly one of the female protagonists, I possessed the body of Evenes Harin, the saint treated like a trivial extra. What's worse is that I must pursue one of the five male love interests and see it through to a happy ending in order to complete the game. Having attended the triple combo of an all-girls middle school, high school, and university wasn't enough of a debuff, having unintentionally put up an iron defense, I've been in forever alone' mode for 25 years. On top of that, I've possessed the Saint seldom played due to her atrociously difficult route! This life is screwed up, and I'm sure of it."The more you look at it, the more novel this situation is.""...?""How would you feel about living here like this?"Boasting a 99.9999% probability of a bad ending: the obviously crazy Archmage."Evenes Harin.""?""Now I'm sure you serve the devil. Or are you really crazy?"The epitome of rudeness: the seriously narcissistic Crown Prince."I've made up my mind.""Shut up.""I'll make you into my first doll."Instead of wrinkles on his brain, it's full of blooming flowers: the yandere Merchant Union's director."...""... Do you have something to say?""[i](shakes head)[/i]"At the level of a shadowy human, a man of few words: the underworld guild leader.At the lowest level, the most ordinary one is the empire's youngest swordmaster: the knight commander..."Lady Saint.""Yes.""When I'm together with my Lady, my heart feels at ease.""...Ah.""I feel like I am one with Lunium."As you can see, he is a zealous follower of the Temple of Lunium."Would you not like to visit our house?""... Your house?""There is something that I would like to show you. Only to you."And even the duke's daughter, who can be called the true heroine, is acting like this.... Will I really be able to complete this game without any problems?

Chapter 110.10
DramaRomanceShounen aiWebtoonAdaptationLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull Color

.Xia Xingcheng, a popular and handsome young actor (small fresh meat) with ordinary acting skills, has been in the entertainment industry for six years and is still only a small star in the 18th line. He thought it would always be like that, but that day, a well-known director approached him with a movie co-starring the movie emperor, who stars in many literary blockbusters. Many opportunities came, but before he could be happy, the style of painting began to feel a little wrong. Is it just being deeply into the play, or something else?[b]SPANISH[/b][spoiler]Xia Xingcheng, un joven con habilidades de actuacin ordinarias, ha estado en la industria del entretenimiento durante 6 aos, y sigue siendo todava una pequea estrella de la 18va lnea, y pensaba que siempre iba a ser ese tipo de estrella. Pero ese da, un reconocido director fue hacia l, junto con el rey de las pelculas, actuaron en teatros, protagonizaron xitos y vinieron muchas oportunidades. Pero no ha tenido tiempo de ser feliz. El viento est soplando y el estilo de dibujo se empieza a ver un poco fuera de lugar, Se debe a una cada fsica y mental? O es algo ms profundo?[/spoiler]

Season.2 Chapter 37
YaoiSchool lifeSmutWebtoonLong stripWeb comicFull Color

.A campus hotshot, Yoon Kyunghoo doesn't enjoy investing much of his time when meeting up with people and prefers light and fun relationships with others. As he steps out to take a smoke, he coincidentally witnesses a gay couple kissing for the first time in his life. 2 months later, his sunbae invites him out to drink along with his co-worker Siyoon who Kyunghoo remembers from somewhere. As Siyoon removes his glasses, he then realizes that Siyoon was one of the gay couple he witnessed kissing before.Will Kyunghoo have some kind of realization? Will Siyoon have a change of heart towards Kyunghoo?

Chapter 47
DramaRomanceYaoiSchool lifeWeb comic

.Ji Gwi, a lad who became a heated ghost after loving Queen Sun Duk one-sidedly. Eun Chong, a descendant of Ji Gwi, found that by touching the Hong Kong exchange student Hae Bum, his body temperature lowers. So seeking help -"If the type of touching changes the body temperature, shouldn't we progress this further?" Due to the very forward Hae Bum, Eun Chong's life becomes shaken.