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Made of StardustChapter 28

Made of Stardust Kalisa is a young star who has fallen from the heavens and finds herself in an entirely new world where she is held captive by a young king. All alone and with no memory of her past, Kalisa escapes from the kingdom to find a way back

The Evil Grand Duchess Has a Secret LifeChapter 37

When a top actress namedEliseis killed by her boyfriend, she gets transmigrated into the villainess of a story she was supposed to star in. But what's this? The man who was supposed to get transmigrated as her partner is too affectionate! Didn't they

Her Wish to be Isekai’dChapter 36

Who wouldn't want to be transported inside a book and live the life of a character? That's exactly what Selina wished for when she saw a shooting star one night. It was meant to be a playful joke. However, it really did grant her wish to be isekai'd!

Can Love Blossom in a Poisoned Heart?Chapter 35

Can Love Blossom in a Poisoned Heart?t at As a young girl, Sasha Corsico was saved from the jaws of a monster by the cold Prince, Paris Vladimiro, who requested a binding promise in return.To survive the injuries she sustained, her family turned to s

Protect the Fake Saint!Chapter 3

What is the true identity of the most beautiful woman in the kingdom?! Dana was a high school senior in Korea who was about to take the CSAT. Unfortunately, she gets hit by a truck and is reincarnated in the romance fantasy world. I was trying to liv

The Huntress and The Mad ScientistChapter 44

"I can't log out?!" Esperanza finds herself trapped in a virtual reality game and unable to log out. Suddenly, she is transported 13 years into the past and finds herself stuck in the eerie mansion of the mad scientist, the Earl of Avenedale. In orde

Mijeong’s RelationshipsChapter 51

Read Mijeong's Relationships manga manhwa update free at Bibimanga.ComNever go to a drinking party that Do Mijeong doesn't attend! Mijeong, who can't stand and doesn't forgive seniors who hit on their juniors, being in a relationship is dull, tiring

The Emperor’s Erection ProjectChapter 30

The Emperor's Erection Project manga The Emperor's Erection Project manhwa update free on Bibimanga.ComThe man who acts like a charismatic and dominant emperor has a top secret. "My co** can't get hard" The closer the deadline of the selection of em

Dream of a Sweet RainChapter 51

Dream of a Sweet Rain mangaDanyoung, the only doctor of the Sanwoon-dang, is tasked to treat Baek-gyeom, the weapon of the Spirits who might be her father's enemy. But the herb used for his treatment has the side effect of stimulating his lu**!"Whate

The Tale of the Frost FlowerChapter 66

The Tale of the Frost Flower manga read online on mangabuddy!An imperial scandal and a shattered first love.Sabi is secretly in love with her childhood friend Yusu and wishes to marry him. But the day after her coming-of-age celebration, she finds he

Reborn As the Character That Never ExistedChapter 38

Reborn As the Character That Never Existed manga read online on mangabuddy!"After meeting her death, Thalia is reborn as the female protagonist's older sister, a character that never existed in the novel she wrote in her past life. She tries hard to

Surrender to the Serpent GoddessChapter 74

Surrender to the Serpent Goddess / Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni / / In a town that worships the Serpent G**, Mihika, a girl who takes on the blood of the Snake Priestess, was tormented by a family curse. Only Sen Kujo, the priest of the shrine,

Loving the NowSide.1 : Adult edition
RomanceShounen aiWebtoon

Loving the Now"He looks just like your ex-muse, right?" Lee Muwan leads a quiet life as a writer. His friends constantly worry about him and his solitary lifestyle. One day, a friend of his decides to hire a housekeeper for him, so Muwan can at least

Fire in the SwampChapter 49.5

Fire in the SwampmangaFire Burns Through Me / "Hold me. Please hold me"Can Erzan, who doesn't know what sexual desire even is, realise the truth behind the strange feeling he's been having for his master?!

Just One Bite!Chapter 198

Just One Bite! mangaSang-gu is a student who's struggling financially and is a hypochondriac due to trauma from a childhood accident. Younghui, on the other hand, is the "it" girl of the famous K-Pop girl group, Sugar Red. Immediately after Younghui

Maybe MineChapter 51

Maybe Mine manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComWhat are the chances of finding love through a dating app? The shy and unexperienced Hyunsoo definitely doesn't have the answer to that question, or to her nonexistent love life. But after hiding

Frost Will Always FallChapter 40.1

Read Frost Will Always Fall manhwa Frost Will Always Fall manga update free at mangabuddy.ComUnha is the granddaughter of a shaman, and she's next in line to become one herself. It's a fate she never asked for, but she's always known that an evil fo

Totally Captivated – Side StoriesChapter 24

Totally Captivated Side Stories manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComWatch the lives of Ewon and Mookyul after their main story ended.

Heal, Heal, Heal!Chapter 58

Heal, Heal, Heal! manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComAt a bar on the first day of school, Go Shinjae, a tall and handsome dance major student from a prominent family, hears drunk Baek Hanbin, a pale photography student with huge tacky glasse

Falling for DangerChapter 21

I could kill you if I wanted.Hayden Windsor was a renowned hitman until he is betrayed and loses the love of his life. With nothing left to live for, he begins a war of revenge on the very organization he used to work for. That is, until he meets Mar

Finding the WayChapter 43

Finding the Way manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComWhat if one little misunderstanding led to the biggest mistake of your life? Lee Kang, dominant alpha and the heir to the Se-ryong foundation, first helps out Yeo Juheon because he feels sor

Puppy Ever AfterChapter 37

Puppy Ever AfterGyujin is special. He's the only son of the legendary blue-eyed German shepherd familyand he's a 26-year-old virgin. To carry on the family lineage, his parents organize an arranged marriage. However, Gyujin cannot think of getting ma

Rebirth in ParadiseChapter 40

Rebirth in ParadiseWhile haunting her usual subway car one day, lonely ghost Park Ja-eon receives a chance from a deity to redo one year of her life and earn a spot in eternal paradise. With the aid of a grumpy divine guardian and a newfound ability

The Second Coming Of The Sword SpiritChapter 1
ActionMartial artsMatureWebtoon

The Second Coming Of The Sword SpiritA young girl founds an ancient sword and awakes the sword spirit. It sweeps into her marrow and now living with her. What kind of perverted spirit is that? Hence the journey begins

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being DecadentChapter 1

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being Decadentn contrast to her past life in Korea, the storybook world Rayne Haatz inhabits is full of wondersthink dreamy powers, nobles inspired by card suits, and anthromorphs. There's just one issue her destiny in this

The Night MarketChapter 0

The Night MarketDo you dare enter the night market? One day Mia finds Yuji, an old friend from high school, waiting for her outside her house. She reluctantly agrees to go with him to a night market which turns out to be run by demons. To make matter

Take Care of my Body!Chapter 1

Take Care of my Body!The Live For Project of the Youth and Adults Generation! It goes beyond generational conflicts and captures the story of empathy and communication.

Hell Class (Kelas Neraka)Chapter 1

He** Class (Kelas Neraka)I'm Kenaya. Just an average high school student that wants to play safe from bullying. But those savage bullies harassed my best friend, Riska. Because of that, I came back from he** to punish and humiliate them in this world

In The DreamChapter 0

In The DreamWang Zhan, who met an accident and destroyed his face, somehow he obtained an ability to interrogate dream during a desperate situation where he can enter people's dream and uncover the secret hidden in their heart. By completing the task

Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)Chapter 37

The Netherworld: A world inhabited only by Demons, creatures born from the dark abyss. For Salvos, a curious newborn Demon with a penchant for making friends, surviving this hellish landscape was always going to be a difficult task. And when her comp

Assassin’s CreedChapter 44

The Korean WebToon that will tell the story of Edward Kenway in the sequel to Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Peach Blossom LuckChapter 6
ActionMartial artsShounenSupernatural

Peach Blossom LuckA young prodigy who cultivated in both differences, embarked on a life journey of passionate struggle to open a harem because of an admission letter. With whom will the ignorant teenager with perfect peach blossom skills erase the s

World Defying Dan GodChapter 61
ActionComedyMartial artsMature

Young Shen Xiang had a fateful encounter with a goddess & demoness and received their peerless heritage, divine pulses, ultimate martial arts, and transcendent alchemy techniques, which gave him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation.

My Lovely BodyguardChapter 62
ActionRomanceShounen aiWebtoon

After saving korean superstar JM from the hands of a sasaeng fan, Sarah a 17-year-old Franco-Korean suddenly becomes the superstar's personal bodyguard. How will she manage both her life as a high school student with that of a superstar's bodyguard?M

996 At The StartChapter 5
ActionComedyMartial artsMature

A sad reminder that the social animal Li Xiaoming finally hugged the thighs of a rich and beautiful woman and was about to start a lascivious life, but was arrested by the [007] system and sent to another world to continue with the [996] system! [007

Don’t Do This Your Majesty!Chapter 46

The Empire's strongest Knight, Rosetta.She returned four times to save the assassinated prince.In this life, she tried to hide her power and save the Crown Prince by working as a maid, not an escort knight."You said you wanted me," said the feisty pr

Reset Life of Regression PoliceChapter 44

The story of Choi Jong-hyuk, the head of the crime investigation intelligence team, when he wanted to find his mother's body, he had a mysterious accident then somehow he returned to 1997.

Exclusive Furnace of Future EmpressesChapter 6
Martial artsSupernaturalWebtoon

Read Exclusive Furnace of Future EmpressesI don't know when men lost their comprehension physiques, unable to gather their souls for cultivation, and cultivation became exclusive to women. What's more terrible There seems to be a huge problem with th

Red and MadChapter 39

Read Red and MadLee Ye-joo, a lone female college student, has a secret. A special ability to leap over time beyond the unknown door! But the uncontrolled ability is just a curse, and what she faced one day after moving for as many as a thousand year

Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!Chapter 16
ActionComedyMartial artsMature

Read Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!Jiang Zizhi, the Sword God, was able to prove his Dao with the strength of his sword. His cultivation was so profound that he reached the level of Golden Immortal in the 9th Heaven. But after hundreds of Gold

Teaching the Tyrant MannersChapter 45

Teaching the Tyrant MannersI came into the world of a novel I was reading, and became an unknown extra destined for a miserable life.Teaching manners to a crazy bastard who turns into a tyrant? Manners, my ass!Quick thinking was my only means of surv

I’ll Resign And Have A Fresh Start In This WorldChapter 70

The main character, Lee Soo, lived an ordinary but happy life.Five years ago, he suddenly loses his parents, and becomes a devastated man, as he struggles every day.When he was exhausted from the suffocating daily life, a portal opened in the room. A

Gil Dong: The ExecutorChapter 3

While the Joseon Dynasty was on the verge of destruction by the ghostly spirits,' the only thing the people could rely on in place of the incompetent King was "Hwalbin," a righteous outlaw group. Gil Dong, the son of Hwalbin' group leader Hong Mun, w

Hell 58Chapter 60

A power struggle, strife, and betrayal in Hell58, an island of the weak and strong.Can the main character, a commoner, find hope and escape from this hellish island?

DoorChapter 24

Dr, Hwan Ryu, world's first inventor of a teleportation gate (Pluto) has top engineer "Erica Choi" pass through it as part of a demonstration. As "Erica" passes through safely, excitement over Pluto's scientific results is triggered among the global

My SuperstarChapter 5

Mi Yuan's father has a car accident and turns into vegetative state. She needs a lot of money, so she gets into the show biz and becomes an assistant to Wei Qian, a notorious actress. Mi Yuan works for Wei Qian with caution and finds out that she is

One World, One Fight!Chapter 5

For the public, a lot of the current measures are focused on educating the public on prevention measures i.e. wash hands and keep a social distance, but there is not enough effort in telling them WHY they need to do it. People will only develop the

The Rules of Forbidden LoveChapter 350

In order to complete the work task of the marriage agency, Shen Yi Yi was forced to put her own information into the client's information. She didn't expect to be picked up by the president of a wealthy family. After the excitement, she knew that the

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