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Sweets FanaticRocks on  The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment
Description: high school dropout mc gets isekaied into another world and becomes the highest level dark mage. He's back in Korea but loses all his powers but he's still OP as fu** from his stats. He gradually gains his power back while trying to hide his dark powers from everyone else. He's a bit childish, but that's what makes this manhwa so funny. 

He's the type of person to hold up a middle finger and go, "YOU SUCK!!!!" And cackle like a maniac. Super op and comedical. 

I like how his first reaction to solving the world crisis was, "fu** them, I'll solve this myself."
Anonymous_reader19Rocks on  Legs Which Cannot Walk
It's kinda hard to write a review for this, one of my problematic faves 😆😆
First off, the story is 'GOOD'. The artstyle is also very nice for a grey scale manhwa. 
I never denied that the story and its characters contain toxic traits. And honestly even I was put off by Taesung's behavior initially but the way his character is fleshed out towards the end is just beautiful. And undoubtedly, one of the hottest tops out there 🤭🤭🤭
Sooyoung is a sweetheart and I like how his personality shone out progressively. Even the side characters are lovable. 
Though I will say that the ending seemed kinda umm, fizzled out maybe. I just felt that the buildup for that ending wasn't worth but either way the ending is satisfying and what I was expecting. 
The love monologues of the characters are just soo well written, that it made me emotional. 
The seggs part between the ml and mc is hot, though not a lot of creativity there. You can call it the 'classic dom and sub seggs of bl'. 
I understand that a lot of people drop it off after some chapters cause' it's too toxic but I feel that it is still one of the 'better' toxic bls out there. I am not justifying or celebrating any of the behaviour and I am happy that the author also didn't. They made sure that the characters regretted their actions and tried to change their ways. 
So I would say, give the story a chance and I am sure you will end up getting attached to the characters and would want to see their end. 
I can't wait for the side stories!!!! 
NeverWhereSucks big time on  The Heavenly Demon Lord Who Doesn't Want to Level Up
That's just a quite bad slice of life, not really fun, not really interesting, go read something else.
IsmaRocks on  My Dragon System
this manhwa is one of the best but chapter is in disorder so you can read at this website mangakik
carmariRocks on  Dear Door
all I can say is that, how can you not like this?
Normal Reader
Normal ReaderSucks big time on  Apocalyptic Super System
Trash... trash among trash... YOU will know in just 60 chapters why I say this. Frustrating.  Fu** you author, fu** you. Fuc**** fu** your life brainless ass****. Never try writing ever again you braindead mother******. I just say those 58% who gave it 5 stars. FU** YOU ALL WITH THIS FUC**** BI*** AUTHOR. YOU ALL ARE FUC**** FUC**** WHO FU** AROUND EVERYDAY. YOU PEOPLE WORSE THAN DARKWEB USERS. YOU MUTHERFUCKING TRASH
carmariRocks on  Hwanghyeon Text
I think I read this several times already coz why not? This is the first yaoi I ever read and the reason why I keep reading more of the same genre. Hence the reason why I chose Mookya as my profile pic 😍.
bl stalkerRocks on  Banana Scandal
love it taehee and dojin, taehwan and yeonwu SO CUTEEEEEEEE<33333333 LOVE IT!
carmariRocks on  The Pizza Delivery Man and The Gold Palace
This is one of the best yaoi I have read so far. The art style, the characters 😍 omg I'm dying for them.... Looking forward for the next chapters. I hope this won't end soon 😭
carmariRocks on  Smyrna & Capri
Everything is beautiful. The art style. The characters. The story line. OMG I love all of it. Why are they so beautiful 😩.  I hope this won't end soon. I'm always looking forward to it. Kudos to the translator everything is soooo perfect. 😍